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3 Shadow people stories

Shadow people stories range from the Hat man  to the dark  figures seen from the corner of your eye.  In Ghost busters 3 Sinai ghost stories the shadow people made a brief appearance to unsuspecting ghost hunters. The 5 stories below tell the true experiences of other people who came in contact with them


by Ethan David

Shadow people are an entity that is described world wide always in the same way a dark shadow. Sometimes  wearing a dark cloak and hat.It is not really a ghost more of an entity.


                      shadow person 


Grandad diagnosed with dementia

This is my story I’m sorry it’s so long but worth the read. Back around 2014-2015 my grandfather whom I was very close to  was diagnosed with a very rapid onset of dementia. Due to this  he was heavily medicated and depressed and he slept most of the time.

When he wasn’t asleep  he would have “episodes” as the doctor called them. He would become very confused and start talking to objects or people in the room that were not there .While doing this he had   such a lonely, ghostly look in his eyes.

I was home schooled at the time and spent most of my time at his house.While there I helped take care of him with my grandmother. She vowed to never put him in a nursing home and she never did. We had to  watch him spiral mentally down.With the illness he would be anxious and confused and me and my grandma had to calm him down mainly at night time. A house once filled with light became a very dark place to be.

The old house 

I was home for a few days the first Christmas he was sick  Behind our house is what we call “The Old House”. It was my fathers childhood home that we built our house in front of. We gutted it and made it into a shed where we kept overflow junk and seasonal things.

My mother had sent my sister and I out to it to grab some rubber made boxes that contained our Christmas tree and all of our decorations. There was a door on the front you can enter to easily access the rooms containing our storage. At the end of the house  there are two openings in the wall for cars. (We set it up like a garage.)


It was late evening and that gray December haze was hanging in the air I could see my breath in front of me. Which made the Old house look more eerie.  Opening  the door I stepped in and went to grab the boxes. My sister waited outside the open door frame.

I grabbed the box containing the tree first as it was readily available. Turning  to walk back down the hall towards the door. Towards the  two garage door openings. They were open and I could see out into the yard, as I carried the box down the hall  my eyes caught a glimpse of something.

That’s when I saw IT. I was startled and  gasped as air left my body. It was a moment of pure fear and confusion.  Freezing  in my tracks and literally dropped the box onto the cement floor. My mouth dropped open and  my sister quickly caught on to the contagious fear even though she had not seen what I had just seen.

” What is it E?” She asked, Panicked. I couldn’t answer and could not  explain why  other than the fact that I was just so deep in disbelief  but I began walking towards the garage door.  Picking up pace  wanting to catch whatever the hell I had just seen as it ran away. My sister followed behind me scared to be alone.  Clearing  the opening and turning the corner to view the back yard I saw nothing  IT was gone.

Shadow people

Now I was even more frightened I doubted myself and I questioned myself. Surely I had just spooked myself Right? then again our backyard is a field. If I had just seen a person there would have been no logical way they could have disappeared and nowhere for them to hide in that short amount of time.

My sister and I ran inside and  I told my mom. (I’m sure you all know how that goes) I kept closing my eyes trying to remember what I had just seen. Of details, features but that was the thing; there were no predominant features. No eyes,nose,hands or fingers.

He wore a black cloak

The only thing I could remember was the featureless figure was cloaked in a tattered black cloak like drape. To make sense of this I googled “Shadow People” online.  A few mere SECONDS of scrolling through images of this new to me phenomenon I saw it. Apparently it has been seen before by a lot of other people.

Ever since that day, my sister, my cousin and I (who share a very close spiritual bond) continued to see dark figures running around the shadows of our lives. Seeing them in many places including  each other’s houses but the one place we see them the most? My grandmothers house. We speculated and often wondered how this was connected to my grandfather’s illness. Often we wondered if ghosts / spirits were more active in this dark, depressing home.

He wanted to leave

The worst night we ever experienced there is something I will never forget. It was 3 A.M. we were all asleep. It had been days since my grandfather had been awake and active.  Three of us  slept in the same room on bunk beds and a couch.

A comforting silence was shattered when my grandmother screamed my name out into the night. I quickly jumped off of the couch and ran into the living room where my grandfather and grandmother were. My cousin followed behind me. Grandfather was fully dressed  for the first time in probably 6 months.

He had on his hat, glasses and he had his cane. My grandmother was pulling him away from the door as he struggled to get it open. He was trying to leave! we all tried to calm him but we also knew he could possibly hurt us out of confusion. We tried our hardest but he was a huge man.


shadow person
Dark figures running around the shadows




Trapped by shadow people 

The front door had three glass panes in it covered by a curtain. He pulled the curtain back, cupping his hands around his eyes and looked into the dark, enclosed front porch on the other side. “Help us. We’re trapped. There’s no way out of here. We have to get out.” He cried.

My grandmother hysterically asked him, “Who are you calling for, Bud? You’re home! This is home!” “I’m talking to that little boy out there. He is  just staring at me.He  won’t open the door! we’re not going to make it out!”

Consumed with fear

We were all consumed with fear although he was just confused  but it still gave us chills.We  Couldn’t help but continuously look over our shoulders. After a moment of panic, he rushed past us again. He went into his pitch-black dark room picked up his phone and dialled a number. “Mom! Mom you gotta help me! We are trapped in the house!” He yelled. His mom had been dead for over two years and his phone was disconnected from the outlet.

My grandmother rushed into the kitchen to call 911 and we followed her. That was when I saw a white, cloudy like figure literally pass through the dining room and into our bedroom. It was at least 20 inches off the floor and it’s head was through the ceiling.It didn’t float more  was moving as though it was injured/limping. I rushed backwards into the kitchen, stumbling into my grandmother, cousin and sister .


TERRIFIED. Later that night, while waiting for the ambulance  he looked me dead in the eye and said “They’re over there.” and pointed behind me towards the dark hall. I never went back to sleep that night.

He passed away in 2015. In my memory I have not seen a “shadow person” since. We see them occasionally out of the corners of our  eyes.but they do not feel as malevolent as they did before. I have never since felt so connected to the spirit world and I have never felt a darkness linger so long.


THE HAT MAN BY Kayla Rendon

This story was kindly submitted by Kayla it is called the  HAT MAN .The first time Kayla met him she did not feel he was the Hat man .He ticked a few of the boxes by his description.Have a read of the story and see what you think and maybe even leave a comment .

When I first  saw him was at my grandmothers friends house, who lived a couple of houses down from us. It was standing in front of her friends room with his arms open as if he was saying “don’t come in”.

I remember tugging at my grandmas dress and asking her who that was.She asked me who was I talking about and I would just point. He wasn’t visible  and soon we ended up just leaving her friends house.


hat man
hat man










walked straight through him

After that I started seeing him frequently he would stand in the exact same position almost every time but now in front of my grandmas room. I saw him so often my family kind of just accepted it and would be dismissive about it.

One day I got the courage to walk right through him and into my grandmas room. Nothing happened! In a sense  I got use to the idea of him as well.

When  I was walking to my room and I saw him looking at me through a reflection of a mirror we had at the end of the hall. This time he had big red eyes and a long ugly smile  like the cat from Alice in wonderland.

Dream of shadow people 

That was also during time I overheard my mom telling my grandma that she was having nightmares about a dark shadow who would speak to her in tongues.
Till this day  I believe that that was NOT the hat man, but something malicious

The older I got the less I saw him. When I was a freshman in high school I started having sleep paralysis. If you have never experienced sleep paralysis you are very fortunate! It was so bad.EVERY SINGLE DAY I would get it . It was one of the worst times of my life and it really affected me. My sleep paralysis experiences are another story alone which I would love to share one day!

I saw the shadow people  less

Anyway this is when I started exploring the Internet and discovered that other people have seen the mysterious figure I have seen my whole life. I was so shocked, and so was my family
I’ll never forget seeing drawings of the exact same person I started seeing when I was literally 7!!!!!
The most fascinating thing was that almost everyone who experiences him, also experiences sleep paralysis. The last time I saw him was during one of my sleep paralysis episodes.
Till this day, I don’t think he is evil. Who knows! The universe is such a mystery 



This story was told to me after the Burton ghost walks this walk starts in the market place in Burton and ends there or sometimes in the the old royal oak pub (which was Burton jail).

I am in the privileged position that people that come on the walk confide in me there experiences and sometimes ask for help which I give when I can. This lady felt that she had to tell me her true experience of her encounter with a entity below said in her own words. As you read through it you do wonder if she was affirming the paranormal does  exists in the first place and secondly there is good and bad in it


royal oak pub burton ghost walk
old royal oak site of Burton gaol and residence of over 7 ghosts and spirit of another type









When I was pregnant and had a small son my husband and myself made the decision that he would go on permanent nights to earn the money while I stayed at home with the kids I had been on my own only a short time and strange things started to happen in the house. It started at night when the house was locked up and we slept in bed and we would hear a load crash downstairs,not one crash but like the whole of downstairs was being smashed up.  Foot steps where heard on the landing things would also go missing and reappear smells of lavender and other female perfumes and a dank rotten smell where encountered 

Shadow people 

Worse was going to happen as I was heavily pregnant I walked up the stairs and before  I  could get to the top step.In front of me was I could only describe as a massive figure standing at the top of the stairs. He or it was all in black but looked like a monk but where his eyes should of been  where red glowing orbs .In a state of shock I turned on the stairs to escape and fell straight down them

Worried about the baby I got myself to A&E and got the baby checked out who was ok , A&E where suspicious of the bruising and quizzed me about how it was done and I explained I had tripped down the stairs

The black monk

I was discharged from A&E and returned home and for a while things where quiet in the house. One night though myself and my son where both asleep and then suddenly I was awoken by my son crying and terrified he insisted in getting into bed with me  too terrified to return to his room.  Describing the same thing  I had seen at the top 0f the stair but this time it was staring at him at the bottom of the bed.

After this he slept in my bed with me not leaving my side this carried on for several weeks still with strange noises coming from downstairs and items going missing but no sign of the black monk was seen for some time.

Shadow  people in the black mist 

One night me and my son  were  asleep and I was awoken by the gentle rocking of the bed then an increasingly strong shaking. My son awoke and clung to me in fear and there was at first  a faint black mist in the room which grew larger and darker and there he was the black monk staring at me with his glowing red eyes.

He seemed to stand still at first and very slowly he seemed to glide towards me across the room never stopping staring at me . I don’t know why I did it as I should of ran out of the room with my son but I put the covers over my head and sat like that to what seemed like a eternity.

Eventually when I peeped out from under the cover he seemed to have gone and when I was brave enough I switched the light on to find just me and my son the only beings in the room.


After this I was at my wits end at night not sleeping  scared of him coming back  and unable to sleep I got into the habit of getting up and making a drink and watching early morning TV to it was day light.

One night I stood in my kitchen making a drink which was right next to the lounge as I boiled the kettle could see something in the lounge. Not knowing if this was a burglar or an entity. Picking  Up a kitchen knife and steeled myself to confront what ever it was.

I was not expecting what I saw sitting on my settee  a red Indian but not any red Indian but a chieftain you could tell this by the long headdress. I could tell he was not alive due to the fact I could see straight through him . The surprising thing was I didn’t feel scared of this being in fact I felt great comfort by his presence.


As soon as I blinked though he had gone. The weeks went by the paranormal activity seemed to stop and a kind of calm came over the house. Although I never saw the red Indian I felt he was there when my husband was not in the house and was kind of protecting us.

In the spring my daughter was born and it seemed after that the presence of the red Indian  seemed to leave us but also all paranormal activity left the house. I still live in the same house and have for 20 years and nothing further has happened.

I would be interested in what you think so please give us your comments below. If you have a story to tell please send them to us. We will put them on the blog (the contact form is on the front page)

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