CAN LOVE OVERCOME EVIL? this is what one man was to find out  when he met an evil entity . One man was to find that this was true when he encountered this being  before his wedding night  this  had played on his mind for years  .He let all this pent up feelings out  after we had finished Burton on Trent ghost walk and this is his story below.

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the house was quite large and on the outskirts of town 



When I  first started seeing my wife her parents lived in a large house on the outskirts of town.  I don’t  know what it was about that property but  The temperature in the building was always cold for no apparent reason. The house in general had a oppressive negative vibe to it. There would be unpleasant smells  of rotting flesh which would just appear then disappear in random places and there was no rational reason for this. Objects disappeared and where found in other parts of the house when nobody had physically moved them and sometimes when the house was empty.

 The worse area was my wives bedroom and the atmosphere in here was very dark  and depressing there was always a feeling here that you where being watched by something .At this point no paranormal interaction had taken place with ourselves.This was about to change with the arrival of my wives aunty who insisted on having the room to sleep in leaving my wife to sleep on the settee in the lounge.


she stayed in the room and  she stated , that the atmosphere was very oppressive, dark and she  had  a feeling of being watched. She eventually settled of to sleep and  was awoken by a sound of  a menacing growling which seemed to get nearer and  and then there was  a sudden drop in temperature. She could see nothing in the dark but could hear the growling getting nearer and nearer to her.Then all of a sudden the covers where ripped of her.She said she closed her eyes and expected the worse and she gave out a loud scream.At this point she was heard by the family and they all went in her room expecting the worse when they did switch the light on there was nothing there. After this her aunty did not stay another night and never asked my then fiance to sleep on the settee.         

After several years of knowing each other we decided to get married.Now as then we are a very close couple and we decided to spend are last night before marriage in her bedroom. Our wedding ring was on a large bookcase at the other end of the room with  a large lip on it which was around a inch high. We where just drifting of to sleep and there was a load clanking sound of metal hitting the wall. The wedding ring that was on the bookcase was well I can only describe as being thrown at me and hit directly above my head.  As I peered across the room I could see nothing was out of place and there was no other movement in the room i.e wind or human  .The ring though to move across the room and hit the wall with such force could off have to of being picked up of the lip and thrown with gusto across the room.

Although this shook us up for some considerable amount of time we did not want to move to another part of the house  because of disturbing the family and rationalised that there was a logical reason  for what had happened just at that point we had not thought of it. We agreed that the ring couldn’t of gone far and would be easy for her to find the next day,so with great difficulty we managed to get back to sleep.

I went to the church the next day  to await my bride and I waited and waited with no sign of her and I started to wonder if she had second thoughts.Although quite delayed  she did  eventually make it to the church (by the skin of her teeth).

When we eventually where Mr and Mrs she told me the reason for the delay. The ring that should have been by the bed was  found in a location no where near it on the other side of the room.  Like it had been removed from that area deliberately so she could not use the ring  and this had caused the delay.Now this could be all coincidence but my now in laws while living in the house suffered financial hardship,ill health and a lot of bad luck which only improved when they moved.

I have always (maybe irrationally) felt that something did not want my wife to leave that house and maybe not marry me.I do feel though that in the end that true love conquers all even when evil comes from the other side to dominate.

Hope you enjoyed the story if you want to listen to this and more stories like this click on the video above.

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