Did mr T see spring heeled  jack ?

Did mr T see spring heeled jack ?



Mr T is the nick name  for one of our most valued members of the cast on Burton ghost walk  .Although now living locally he is originally from London . Where  he possibly saw spring heeled  Jack.

He told me this story after the walk over a pint at our popular watering hole ye olde royal oak I have written below what he told me.

The year was 1963 in London and the city was alive with the cliff Richard and the beetles toping the charts and a feeling of optimism and youthfulness.

I was a young man in my twenties and was having the time of my life having work and money in my pocket. life was good doing my work in the week and out at the weekend getting the drink down me , the rest is history if you know what I mean .

I tended to hang out with a group of 3 other lads  Jim,Mike and Tommy.Tommy really was the leader of the gang he was 6 foot 6 inches tall so was large in physical size and  large in personality being a bit of a dare devil and in fights we got into a bit of a scrapper.


London in 1963 froze with the temperatures dropping well below zero. When your young and want a good time a bit of cold weather is not going to stop your fun especially on New years eve on one of the biggest party nights of the year.It was definitely hot in the bars and clubs in the swinging 6os and this was not only the physical temperature in the actual building.

So needless to say a good time was had by all when we rolled out of the club at 2 am in the morning, although the temperature was freezing.We had enough spirit to ignite a bonfire so the false senses of well being  caused by the alcohol. gave us the feeling that we had  warmth and with the macho bravado of youth as well we where practically glowing.

After we had been down the chip shop and filled up with our chips and kebabs it was time to go home.We all lived in the same neighbourhood which was not far away. So we all set of on the journey home together by foot.

We did have a difficult choice those we could have a long journey home via the streets with light from the street lights. The other choice was  much quicker but a darker route which went directly past a grave yard.The temperature at his point had dropped further so with the thought of getting to our warm  homes and out of the cold the later course past the grave yard appeared the better option.










The graveyard could be seen from the bottom of the hill where we were situated.It appeared quite ominous you could say sinister.

In the graveyard large monolithic mausoleum type structures had been constructed for the wealthier members of our community.Leading up to these where the resting places of the ordinary folk lined with rows of various sized tomb stones.

The weather did not dispel the spooky effect with the freezing causing a frozen white glaze over the whole grave yard adding a kind of chilling icing effect to the scene.

To be honest it made me feel deep down fear and I suspect that the rest of the group felt the same way.Being young men in our 20s we were not going to let this show .So as we approached the cemetery a lot of noisy drink fuelled horse play and banter took place.The one who was the biggest and loudest at doing this was Tommy. As we drew alongside the cemetery there was only iron railings separating use, Tommy decided that he wanted to go to the toilet.

He hoisted the whole of his 6ft 6″ frame over the railings then totally disappeared. For a moment we all stood in complete silence.Then we heard a load groaning like something or someone was in pain. Jim and Mike had gone as white as sheets and where staring past me into the grave yard and stood completely still for a couple of seconds then took off down the hill for home.

I anxiously stared into the grave yard looking for Tom now worried what had happened to him.Then my eyes caught a slight glimmer of white in the moonlight on the graveyard floor.The glimmer then very quickly appeared as a pure white apparition which quickly started to approach me across the grave yard.What ever worries I had about Tom soon evaporated as I quickly turned on my heels and ran for my life down the hill behind the others.





Eventually I caught up with the rest of the group who had stopped a good distance away from the grave yard. When they had got their breath back I asked them why had they run. The answer I got back was slightly inquisitive and slightly aggressive “why did you what did you see?” I described to them what I had seen and what happened.I did not get the reaction I thought expecting them to say they had seen the same thing they did not they just stared at me.

As we stood there we heard foot steps as we were contemplating running again.We recognised the large figure approaching us it was Tom who appeared to be limping slightly.”hey what happened to you I said” “more Importantly where did you go” Tommy replied.

I described to him what I had seen in the graveyard and how I ran.Tommy at this point gave out a roaring laugh and when he calmed down explained what had happened to him

When he had gone over the railings he decided he was going to have a pee in one of the open graves. He missed his footing and all six foot 6 inches of him had fallen in. and as he was scrambling to get out the white tarpaulin had covered him making him look like a ghost this is what I saw.

We both fell about in fits of laughter but here was no sound from the other two,Tom eventually stopped laughing and asked them if this was not what they saw mike hesitantly said “no”.

He described that there was another figure standing some way of from Tom and themselves they got a good look at him.It was a Victorian type gentleman with a cape,topper hat and Cain,he had a waist coat which was padded out like he had something underneath it.He was all in black but was highly recognisable in the full moonlight. It was what he did next that made them run from a stationary position he appeared to spring towards them at this point they ran.

This is the first time that I have told this story in over 50 years and to this day I wonder who this figure was he a ghost,demon or something that meets the description in urban legend spring heeled jack .He certainly looked and acted like him with his springing motion towards Mike and Jim.

Spring healed jack is a urban legend that was last sighted in 1902 around mainly London but also a few other places in the uk. He has been described as wearing a black cape and some kind of bulked up waist coat,he is said to have red eyes and breath blue flames and attack his victims with a metal claw.

If this was spring heeled Jack or not he did move in a strange way bouncing from his stationary position and he was wearing the cape and waistcoat mentioned in the legend but there is no mention of red eyes or blue flames.He is also making an appearance in the same area as before but around 60 years later.

Unlike other stories in the blog the cavalier who spooked mr T ” for instance which is about residue energy. Or mr burrows haunts the nursing home which is spirit in an object. if it is demonic or human im not sure.I think we can say though the legend of spring heeled jack is still just that a legend.

I would be interested in what you think so please give us your comments below. If you have a story to tell please send them to us at we will put them on the blog for you..If you would like to go on a ghost walk why not try Burton ghost walk .If you want to see real pictures/videos of actual ghosts go to our face book page  ALL THINGS PARAORMAl


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