Tony is one of  our talented writers in Burton on Trent and surrounding areas and like Carls story  Halloween at Sinia house this is another story about this haunted area

Stapenhill mentioned in the story started life as Stapen hill.Saxon for farm on the hill. As the brewery industry grew it  was  merged into Burton on Trent and became a suburb of it around 150 years ago.

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Leicester line Bridge Viaduct!


I was one of the Stapenhill lads that spent most of their time on and around the local Railway network .The Iron Bridge, Drakelow Sidings and down Burton (Moor Street Bridge). Train spotting riding the Coal-Truck’s into and out of Drakelow Power Station

The Following incident took place in 1974 as we were walking the lines from Burton after a days Spotting. The Incident occurred on the Leicester line Bridge Viaduct!


The first event, which took place at the end of a long hot summer day in 1974., Is  recounted in John Smalley’s second book Nottinghamshire Railway Ghosts.

During the long school holidays a group of us cycled down to Moor Street Bridge to spend the day spotting. This particular day one of the lads had a puncture, so we’d had to walk down.


As dusk approached we were all ready for home  but not until we had seen the 20.30 southbound mail train. It was often hauled by a Stratford based 47 and painted up with silver roof and red buffer beam.

When it had vanished into the distance, beyond the loco depot, we set off for home.. ‘Let’s nip down Anglesey Road and then walk back along the lines,’ one of us suggested. We all agreed, so at Branston Road we scrambled up onto the bridge and started to walk along the lines towards Stapenhill.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is TONY-GREGORY-2.jpg The thing  what else could I call it?  moved slowly            towards us.


The night sky was darker now as we approached the viaduct over the River Trent. Two of us were in front, while myself and the other two followed some yards behind.

Both groups were chatting happily about the day’s  sightings when all of a sudden the front two came to a dead stop. ‘What yer bloody stopped for!’ we cursed as we cannoned into the back of the first two.

They didn’t reply, but just stood staring in front of them, towards the middle of the viaduct just beyond the wartime pillboxes. ‘What’s up?’ we asked, frightened by their silence.

We were all looking now and as my eyes focused in the poor light I saw what looked like a figure in an illuminated mist. It was possible to make out the head and shoulders, and a long body. There was something wrong with the legs. They only went as far as the knees below them nothing was visible.

The thing  what else could I call it?  moved slowly towards us. For a couple of seconds we were transfixed  then we pelted as fast as we could, stumbling blindly, scattering the ballast, Consumed by terror until we reached Branston road bridge.We  saw the street lights and the window of a small shop.


We just stood there shivering. We were in shock. One of us was even sobbing openly. It affected him so much that he stopped coming out with us after that.

In the following days we told our story  asking  questions about what or who it might have been out there. From the bits and pieces we were able to put together it seemed that, over the years, there had been several deaths on or around that viaduct.

Several workmen had lost their lives in accidents during its construction. One hot day many years back. A young fireman from Burton had been drowned while swimming in the river with some of his colleagues. Several suicides had been recorded there too, including my father’s best friend.

In the early Sixties a crowd of people – including my mother and me in my pram – had watched the river being dragged for the body of a young boy. He’d been playing on the parapet when a passing train had caused him to fall to his death. He was eventually found down the river at Clay Mills. So just what was it we saw that night? Exactly a year later a crowd of over seventy people – our schoolmates and their relatives – gathered at the spot, hoping for an anniversary repeat. Nothing appeared. But the viaduct exerted such a strong feeling of dread that a religious man was eventually called in to exorcise the place.


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