When we do die and move over to the other side does someone or something come to get us. After talking to this retired nurse after the burton ghost walk  she seemed to think so as she felt she had  met  THE HARBINGER  OF DEATH ?

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large 4 storey building made of red brick with very dark and gloomy corridors devoid of any colour on the floors and  walls”


I started working at the General hospital when I first qualified as  a nurse.It was quite an old hospital it had started life nearly one hundred years before and was built very much in the style of that era being a large 4 storey building made of red brick with very dark and gloomy corridors devoid of any colour on the floors and  walls  which once would have been clinical white but had faded over the years into a off brown colour.

My ward was ward 5 which unfortunatly for me was at the top of the hospital on the 4th floor and could only be accessed by a large antique lift or by walking up 4 flights of stairs.The wards layout although having modern equipment was set out in the same design as a hundred years before.The beds where set out in what they call Nightingale fashion which basically was straight lines on either side of the room left and right and in between the beds where curtains to close round the bed areas.Behind these where 4 separate isolation rooms and in the middle of the room there was a walk way in  between the beds. It was like stepping back in time.


I worked my first 6 months on the ward on days to support me in my new post, later though I was sent on nights. My nights for the first couple of weeks where uneventful until one night I was doing the drug round as usual on the ward, One of the ladies in my care had cancer and had been given a short time to live due to this she was on regular pain relief. As usual I offered the lady her pain relief but I can still hear her words now “thank you dear but there is no need the lady in white has already given them to me and I now feel wonderful”I  asked the lady if she was sure about that and she insisted she had given them to her.I was concerned because no one of the staff wore white and no medical staff or qualified people where on the ward.I just put it down to a fluke or the ladies imagination.

Another lady I gave a hot drink to help her settle to sleep.I always did this at the end of my drug round so as usual I asked her if she wanted her drink she replied “no your ok the lady in white has offered me one”.This time this rattled me and I searched the Ward for this lady but with no luck.

As I mentioned earlier the beds where in straight lines on the Ward but there where 4 side rooms. These  where used for people who where close to death. They had in a lot of case had heart monitors which alarmed when the heart stopped and where connected to the emergency crash team for immediate medical attention. There was also other medical equipment in the room ie oxygen etc.The doors to these rooms had clear glass round portal windows the kind of things you would get on a ship.Part of my round was to check these rooms when I got to room 4 it was my last check at the end of my round.

I looked through the window and  the patient was sitting up in bed and staring at the end of it. I put my hand on the door to go in and blinked my eye and in the space that she was staring at and then a small spec of light appeared the size of a pea within a couple of seconds the light grew into a orb then the most bizzare thing happened then there was a brilliant white light but in the light etched in black was the shape of a figure



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The harbinger of death ?

Sudenly like she had stepped out of the white light was  a figure of a old woman.. I couldnt see what clothing she was wearing just the bright light but I could see her face.She was very old in fact ancient she had leather like put pale skin and once where wrinkles where now grooves they where that prominet on  her face,her hair was unkempt and mated her teeth where broken and the majority of them black but it was her eyes I always remember  they where jet black and piercing. For a split second she moved her head and stared at me I was frozen to the spot in sheer terror but also in a strange way quiet mesmorized.Then she turned her head away and stood at the end of the bed looking  directly at he patient in it and crooked her mid fingure and started to gesture to her to come with her.Then as soon as she  had arrived she disappeared.

As if I was in a trance I felt like I was awoken by an alarm going off I quickly realised what it was it was the alarm going of on the patients monitor she was flat lining her heart had stopped beating. I ran to get the emergency trolley but by the time myself and the emergency team got to her she had died.I resigned my job the next day but I later heard that the other two women who had seen the white lady also died shortly after.The hospital closed in 1993 but I believe it is now a housing estate.

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