Hello world! this is my paranormal blog

Hello world! this is my paranormal blog

 we have worked in the paranormal community for over 20 years.Working with Derreck Acorah,Richard felix and other celebrities been event managers for such places as shuborough. We have filmed the paranormal for over 15 years .We are now writing a blog but more importantly we want to entertain you with ours and your stories and give you the links to ghost films and real ghost picture 

Hi my name is Chris Campbell-Brown and this is my very first blog ever. A little bit about me. I have worked in psychiatry for over 30 years full time in various fields. I have though for over the past 20 years had a second job working in various areas of the paranormal.

It all started around 2000 when myself and my wife had a break from the kids and went on the famous York ghost walk. it inspired us  that much that we decided to set up our own ghost walk in our own town of Burton on Trent in the uk.  me having a passion for history and Tracey having a passion for the paranormal.

Apart from this we suddenly realised we did not know the first thing about setting up a ghost walk. There was no google then or you tube or face book  so even if we could of gone on these there is no information on how to do this then and now. We had the genius idea those that ghost walks had stories in them and ghosts. So we set about gathering as many ghost stories as possible {which involved drinking in quiet a few bars and pubs}, at the same time the history had to be crossed referenced with the ghosts and buildings to try and find out who the ghost was.

Although we had the ghost stories and the history we needed other elements to set up a successful walk and for this we needed outside help. The first was that funny as it sounds we wanted consent of the spirits we were talking about and for this we needed a psychic. We were very lucky that a local psychic came to our aid in this and walked the walk and communicated if you like with the dead which over all conversations where about who they were when they walked this plain. except for one individual who told directly me that “he was very important  and had to mentioned on every ghost walk (I suppose every blog about the walk is the same }.He startled the psychic I was with because he appeared in a very creepy passage way and was a tall man with black robes. His name was Henry William Paget lord high chancellor of England.  I don’t know if you can relate to this but I always mention him on the walks.

After we had done these 3 things I then realised that I had not ever written a script for or produced a performance the only script I had written was for the local radio station where as an astrologer  (now none practicing ) I wrote the  horoscopes. This was a completely different experience and I needed someone to mentor me. This came from an unexpected source my local council , due to the fact  that we were about to do a street performance we thought it would be best to see if  we needed permits, health and safety and police permission. So we approached them for this. We got help with this but also got help in another unexpected way. A member of the councils friend was a founding member of the original York ghost walk and he agreed not to write my script but mentor me in the writing of it.

So all the background research was done script written actors  employed but then we  stumbled  on one thing. One of the stories involved a place called Sinai house which was a manor house two miles from the centre of Burton. We realised we had spoken to all the places we were talking about and got clearance for this but we had not spoken to the couple who owned this property. I very nervously rang them up and we arranged a meeting to ask permission to use the story. This went ahead  and not only did we get the story but it turned out Sinai was very haunted and we were asked to write their  walk as well. Which we did and 20 years later we are still doing it plus paranormal investigations and have  assisted  various celebrities  and tv companies most haunted, the late Dereck accorah etc.

On opening night we were totally swamped with people and it was a great success. Before I did guiding myself I had the habit of being present at every ghost walk watching over the proceedings (a bit like a proud parent ). On one such occasion I was standing at the entrance of the above mentioned passage way (mentioned earlier) watching the ghost walk from a distance. I noticed though that a couple had hung back down the passage way after all the audience had gone.  Much to my surprise the couple approached me and where aware that I had written the ghost walk. They asked me “who was the scare dressed in the top hat  and black cape “.At this particular time we had no cast on the walks and I told them this. They then told me that maybe other people may of not seen him as they were psychic but he was definitely there. Sure enough he existed in history with a photo fit of his description.

At this point a long friendship was made which opened up a whole new world to us. They   were part of a much bigger team but what they needed where locations to investigates so it was agreed we would get the locations and they would investigate. So unknown to many people we  were  the first people  to get paranormal teams into Alton towers and Lichfield gaol to name a few..

We found now that we not only where a walk but also had a paranormal team and this expanded us into the investigation side of the paranormal.

We found that when we investigated Burton it was a lot more haunted than we thought and had a lot of famous historical people associated with it. The last English heretic (another blog in his own right ),Mary queen of Scots, ancestors of  presidents of America ,English kings to name a few. We wrote a second walk and due to the large amount of haunted pubs we wrote  a pub walk. So with in 12 months we had 4 ghost walks and a paranormal team.

The contact at the local council was to prove lucky for us again because of Shugborough estate was owned by Staffordshire county council and due to knowing us and our success in running  events gave us the paranormal contract. At around the same time the bass museum (now the museum of brewing ) asked me to write and run there events. Later on we  later wrote a ghost walk for a shopping precinct ,inside a hotel and a working club.

My involvement in social media was very much mirrored by the change of society where writing of an article such as this now goes worldwide at a touch of a button and has become a much bigger parts of peoples lives.

Back in the day my  first involvement with the nearest thing to social media was a website which  seemed every ghost walk had. So i went to a web designer and it became quickly apparent that with a placement of a photo being £50 alone I just couldn’t afford it. So  I did something which has seemed to be a pattern through my journey through social media I built my own for a grand price of £4.(it was at one time in the top 10 in the uk) at www.burtonghostandhistorywalk.co.uk. At this particular time in history the for runners of the paranormal industry  Most haunted had exploded on the screen and every area of the country was being explored  by Richard Felix.  We first worked together on his DVD about Burton ghosts and at a latter date I did my own video haunted Burton (parts of it are still on you tube with a very young me). Of course we don’t use DVDs much anymore and we have our you tube channel now scary true ghost stories and our films (and blogs) on our page at all things paranormal.

                                            trailer for the haunted burton video back in the day

When the walks first started we would make posters and stick them on any free wall space we could find but with the rise of social media most of the advertising was going on line. So we followed suit trying to get our ads out in face book groups etc and being turned down by their  admins. Keeping with the theme  of doing it  yourself we set up our own groups where we were the admin and excepted our own stuff. At the time of typing our  social media network stands at  150,000 and growing rapidly. Our single biggest group is true scary ghost stories and at time of typing is 111,000.

Here I am now writing my first and last blog about myself the rest of the blog is going to be ghost stories from all over the world and i hope you enjoy them and join us again 

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