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IS HE THE SHADOW MAN ? by Ethan David

snadow person

Shadow people/hat man are an entity that is described world wide always in the same way a dark shadow usually not always wearing a dark cloak and hat.It is not really a ghost more of an entity that is like in the story LOVE OVERCOME EVIL?.

Grandad diagnosed with dementia

This is my story… I’m sorry it’s so long, but it’s worth the read. Back around 2014-2015 my grandfather, whom I was very close to, was diagnosed with a very rapid onset of dementia. Of course he was heavily medicated and depressed and he slept most of the time.

When he wasn’t asleep, he would have “episodes” as the doctor called them. He would become very confused and start talking to objects or people in the room that were not there. He had such a lonely, ghostly look in his eyes.

I was home schooled at the time and spent most of my time at his house helping take care of him with my grandmother. She vowed to never put him in a nursing home and she never did. I watched him spiral down. I helped my grandmother calm him most nights when he was ballistic. A house once filled with light became a very dark place to be.

The first Christmas he was sick

The first Christmas he was sick, I was home with my family for a few days. Behind our house is what we call “The Old House”. It was my fathers childhood home that we built our house in front of. We gutted the “Old House” and made it into a shed where we kept overflow junk and seasonal things.

My mother had sent my sister and I out to The Old House to grab some rubber made boxes that contained our Christmas tree and all of our decorations. The Old House has a door on the front you can enter to easily access the rooms containing our storage. At the end of the house – there are two openings in the wall for cars. (We set it up like a garage.)

The old house

It was late evening and that gray December haze was hanging in the air. I could see my breath. The Old House has always been eerie to me. I opened the door – stepped in and went to grab the boxes. My sister waited outside the open door frame.

I grabbed the box containing the tree first as it was readily available. I turned to walk back down the hall towards the door. Directly across the garage were the two garage door openings. They were open and I could see out into the yard. As I carried the box down the hall – my eyes caught a glimpse of something.

That’s when I saw IT. I was startled. I gasped as air left my body. It was a moment of pure fear and confusion. I froze in my tracks and literally dropped the box onto the cement floor. My mouth dropped open. My sister quickly adapted the contagious fear – even though she had not seen what I had just seen.

“What!? What is it E?” She asked, panicked. I couldn’t answer. I can’t explain why – other than the fact that I was just so deep in disbelief – but I began walking towards the garage door. I picked up pace – wanting to catch whatever the hell I had just seen as it ran away. My sister followed behind me; scared to be alone. As I cleared the opening and turned the corner to view the back yard – I saw nothing. IT was gone.

he wore a black cape

Shadow people

Now, I was even more frightened. I doubted myself and I questioned myself. Surely I had just spooked myself. Right? Then again – our backyard is a field. If I had just seen a person – there would have been no logical way they could have disappeared and nowhere for them to hide in that short amount of time.

My sister and I ran inside. I told my mom. (I’m sure you all know how that goes) I kept closing my eyes trying to remember what I had just seen. The details. The features. But that was the thing; there were no predominant features. No eyes. No nose. No hands or fingers.

He wore a black cloak

The only thing I could remember was this; the featureless figure was cloaked in a tattered, black, cloak-like drape. I couldn’t make sense of this… Until…I googled “Shadow People” online. After only a few mere SECONDS of scrolling through images of this new-to-me phenomenon, I saw it. Apparently – some have seen it before.

Ever since that day, my sister, my cousin and I (who share a very close spiritual bond) continued to see dark figures running around the shadows of our lives. We saw all kinds of them in many places at each other’s houses. But – the one place we saw them the most? My grandmothers house. We speculated and often wondered how this was connected to my grandfather’s illness. We often wondered if ghosts / spirits were more active in this dark, depressing home.

The worst night

The worst night we ever experienced there is something I will never forget. It was 3 A.M. We were all asleep. It had been days since my grandfather had been awake and active. We three slept in the same room on bunk beds and a couch.

A comforting silence was shattered when my grandmother screamed my name out into the night. I quickly jumped off of the couch and ran into the living room where my grandfather and grandmother were. My cousin followed behind me. My grandfather was fully dressed – for the first time in probably 6 months.

He had on his hat, glasses and he had his cane. My grandmother was pulling him away from the door as he struggled to get it open. He was trying to leave! We all tried to calm him but we also knew he could possibly hurt us out of confusion. We tried our hardest – but he was a huge man.

We’re trapped

The front door had three glass panes in it – covered by a curtain. He pulled the curtain back, cupping his hands around his eyes and looked into the dark, enclosed front porch on the other side. “Help us. We’re trapped. There’s no way out of here. We have to get out.” He cried.

My grandmother hysterically asked him, “Who are you calling for, Bud? You’re home! This is home!” “I’m talking to that little boy out there. He’s just staring at me. He won’t open the door! We’re not going to make it out!”

Consumed with fear

We were all consumed with fear. We knew he was just confused – but it still gave us chills. We couldn’t help but continuously look over our shoulders. After a moment of panic, he rushed past us again. He went into his pitch-black dark room, picked up his phone and dialed a number. “Mom! Mom you gotta help me! We are trapped in the house!” He yelled. His mom had been dead for over two years and his phone was disconnected from the outlet.

My grandmother rushed into the kitchen to call 911 and we followed her. That was when I saw a white, cloudy like figure literally pass through the dining room and into our bedroom. It was at least 20 inches off the floor – and it’s head was through the ceiling. It didn’t float. It was moving as though it was injured/limping. I rushed backwards into the kitchen, stumbling into my grandmother, cousin and sister –


TERRIFIED. Later that night, while waiting for the ambulance – he looked me dead in the eye and said “They’re over there.” And pointed behind me – towards the dark hall. I never went back to sleep that night.

He passed away in 2015. In my memory – I have not see a “shadow person” since. We see them occasionally out of the corners of my eyes. But they do not feel malevolent – as they did before. I have never since felt so connected to the spirit world and I have never felt a darkness linger so long.

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