mr Burrows  haunts the  nursing home takes you into the   thought in the paranormal  that objects can hold energies or even people as this true story maybe goes some way to prove.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is black-and-white-house.jpgTHE HOME 

I took a job here as a night nurse and was part of a team of 3 people myself and 2 care assistants.From the onset things at this place did not seem right. Although at times you worked on your own you never felt so  as you felt as someone or something was watching you For no unaccountable reason temperatures would drop that cold that you could see your breath in front of you. What was  bizarre was that items would go missing when the residents where asleep and then reappear in another part of the home. At first I thought it was the staff moving items around and just generally playing tricks on me.I worked as a nurse in a elderly home  the home was set in a rural location set off a road in its own grounds with gardens and  a large pond at the front of the house it was I would say around 300 years old and was quiet an imposing site  having white walls and black beams on the exterior but was modern inside being set out over 3 floors ground,middle and attic.it had around 20 plus bedrooms for residents and was said to be one of two original halls one being the upper and this one being the lower hall

The home though was very large and the 2 care assistants would work .in another part of the home as I tended to be on my own while I did the drug round and nursing duties.My routine was quiet a regular one following the same route as I did the drug round. I got to know my residents quiet well and also the lay out of the home and in particular the residents rooms and the contents in them.

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I have got to admit there was one resident called Ethel who I became somewhat fund of . Ethel had quiet a pleasant room with the usual things in it  pictures of relatives and various nicknacks from her  life.One thing that she had though which was different ( the only one in the home} was that she had sitting on her bed a very large black and white teddy bear which she called mr burrows.

I gave Ethel her tablets I left the room and proceeded down a long corridor which went round a bend where a large chair was sited  .As I went round the bend the chair was  in its usual place but I nearly pushed the drug trolley  over in shock sitting in the chair staring at me was the same mr burrows.

When I had got over the initial shock and pulled myself together I made my way back down the corridor checking as I went that I was the only person in this part of the building and I checked on Ethel who was fast asleep .One of the things about Ethel was that she was bed bound so for her to place the bear up the corridor within 4 minutes and suddenly have a miracle and get past me without noticing was impossible. Although shaken I placed mr Burrows back in her room and continued with my duties not saying a word about it too anyone.


The events that followed though I feel gave me some insights into what was going on.To be honest after this incident I did not want to go back to the home but to be honest I needed the money.I wish I had never bothered.Incidents of items around the home of items disappearing and reappearing seemed to increase as like things where being ramped up. I carried on those blocking it out of my mind and thinking of the pay cheque.

One night though when I was doing the drug round I was standing near the door to the attic and the temperature suddenly dropped and a silhouette of what could have been a woman in a white glow with no facial features and I always remember no legs glided down the corridor and down the stairs.

When I had stopped myself having a heart attack I noticed that the door to the attic was opened .I was sure that this had been locked prior to the apparition and it seemed that this door way had been opened inviting me in. Call it stupidity or curiosity  I locked my trolley up and opened the door Inside was a long windy staircase

Much against my common sense I proceeded to go up at the top of the staircase was a another door with some hesitantation  and much fear I opened the door in front of me was a empty room except for a low metal bed with a stained old mattress on it.  What was scarry was attached to the bed  where two cuffs with chains and on the inside of the door where  scratch marks . This was enough I slammed the door and ran down the stairs. I managed to finish my drug round and got to the end of the shift  and left and never went back.

Several years later I was speaking to former workers of the home and I casually asked if anybody knew of the room in the attic.They smiled and explained to me around two hundred years ago one of the squires got the local girl pregnant but she threatened to run away so he got her and locked her in the attic and shackled her to the bed. She escaped and drowned herself in the pond outside still pregnant . Her name was Ethel the man who got her pregnant was mr burrows was Ethel trying to tell me something from the grave.


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