kH Malupe told her first blog on here about how her brother played with the  the ghost app. In this second blog she tells of the opportunity this gave Demons to posses him.

After my brother’s possession he was able to tell me  the details  leading  up to it and  while it happened. As I wrote on here before, he and a bunch of friends messed around with a ghost app  and that is what essentially opened up the gate of hell, literally.


One day as he was getting ready to leave for work, he was smoking a cigarette in his garage when he felt the urge to write. On a notebook he kept on a table in his garage he began to write, “Monday”. “What’s Monday?” , he asked. He writes, “You’re dead.” “What?!”, he says out loud. He writes, “You’re mine.” Pissed off, he screams, “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” He begins to write out, S-A-T-A-N. He throws his notebook and pen down and yells out, “YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY OVER MY LIFE! I DO!” He stands up when suddenly he felt a tingling, pins and needles feeling run through his entire body. He starts walking towards the door, not by his own will, something is controlling his body. The voices are in his head loud and clear. But above all of those voices is another voice, God’s.
There’s still one thing that stands out to me about that day. My brother kept saying they were in his stomach. For 6 hours he squeezed his stomach,bent over in pain. his hands never moved from his abdomen for the whole 6 hours. At one point he lifted his shirt telling us to look. I’ll never forget it, something, a bulge moved up and down and up and down in his stomach! Out of all the things I witnessed that day, that is the only thing that was unexplainable to me.
After witnessing what happened to my brother I believe with all of my heart that God is real, and so is Satan. It took my brother’s possession for me to believe in God again. In a way, my brother saved my soul that day.

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My little brother was possessed by 8 demons. I know, sounds crazy. I thought so too. Growing up I love love loved anything that had to do with supernatural-paranormal. I loved hearing stories about it, watching movies about it but never have I ever witnessed anything for myself.
So, when my little brother was possessed I didn’t believe it. He wasn’t projectile vomiting green gooey shit, his head wasn’t spinning around, he wasn’t levitating or making the lights flicker on and off or even moving objects around in the house without touching them.
So I, thinking he smoked a bad batch of pot, probably laced with bath salts, call 911. Long story short, for 5 hours my brother was in a spiritual warfare and I shamefully admit, I did not believe him.
The demons spoke through him for 5 hours but he was so strong. He begged to take him to a church, to pray on him, but all I did was give him some water and told him to sleep it off. After 5 hours of torment my father, a pastor, just released from the hospital literally that day, cast the demons out of him.


Still, after it was all done, I felt my brother was just having a psychological melt down. I still did not believe he was actually possessed until the next day when I went to his house to check on him, I saw him and he was back to his old self. He was so happy to see me. He told me his experience and man, I really felt like an arsehole.
He explained that he would sleep at night and he’d hear a humming noise and then he would wake up in his room looking at himself sleep. He would do this every single night. He began to walk around his home and he would see figures around the entire house. This was so exciting to him and would even look forward to it. Eventually, he didn’t have to sleep anymore, these figures would be in his room at night they turned into demons.That’s when it all began.


After my brother’s possession, I was so shook. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love scary shit. I’m always down to see the scariest movies that come out, haunted houses, ghost hunting, you name it!
immediately after that situation, something switched inside of me. I don’t know how to explain it other than, I was a big  scaredy cat. I remember The Nun movie was coming out that week and I couldn’t even watch the  commercial trailer without being spooked the hell out! I literally would change the channel. I couldn’t even be alone upstairs in
my room because I was chicken shit.



I started to notice around this time that, I guess, “they”, would start to mess with me? Like I said, I never experienced any supernatural anything before so this is all new to me at this point. I would take a shower and feel like someone was right outside of my shower curtain so I would rush the hell out of my showers cause I wanted nothing more than to get the hell outta there!
Then, I noticed that I started to astral project?, if that’s even what that is, more frequently but, at this time I didn’t even have to be on my back for it to start. I would wake up and hear knocking at my bedroom door and when I opened it, nobody.
It’s been a year now and I’m back to my old self, thanks to my uncle who when I told him what I was experiencing said to me, “if you believe the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, no evil can harm you.” And damn, I felt that. Since then, I’ve strengthened my relationship with God and I have a completely new outlook on life.
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