Burton on Trent ghost walk is located in Burton on Trent and Sinai house .Both are hidden gems of paranormal activity in the Staffordshire countryside


The history of #Sinai park house goes back a long way in fact prior to the Romans in Britian. It is situated on top of a hill which over 1500 years ago was between two Celtic tribes and was a sacred place (they were not allowed to fight there ) where a sacred well stood (now called lords well) in a forest of oak trees. Later in its history it was a Roman fort and then the holiday home of monks and then owned by the Paget family. The history of the house is a lot longer and complex with stories of murder, witches and warlocks thrown in but this is not what this blog is mainly about.

Of course with all this history, human activity and being a holy place it has a lot of ghosts (some say demons) in fact a reputed 168 of them. I started working with the couple who owned the house (it is one of a few private residents where the owners live and have paranormal events for the public) in the year 2000. I started by doing a ghost walk this quickly increased to ghost hunts and psychic events with our selves and other companies and later on with celebrities i.e the late #Dereck Acorah and #Richard Felix.

video of the team with Dereck accorah at sinai (Im the guy with the black shirt on)



Sinai has had over the years had involvement with television ,radio and press re the paranormal. This was the case when #most haunted filmed here several years ago.

most haunted at Sinai house

So that is a bit of back ground for you on Sinai .The paranormal incidents that have happened to me as I have worked at this location over the past 21 years are too many to mention in this single #blog but the #paranormal incident below is one of the more memorable of them.

It was really another day at the office or in my case another night at the office we had a booking from 9 p.m. to 2 am in the morning. It was a private booking with a couple who where experienced paranormal investigators visiting various paranormal locations in the uk over several years so there was only the 3 of us.


I arrived 30 minutes before my guests to check everything was ok and await their arrival and from the onset things where not as usual the cats who had never came into the house had assembled in the kitchen and all four of them where circling and staring into the centre of the room.

My guests arrived and we went to the kitchen area. We had a conversation about various paranormal subjects but they explained they where not psychic but used instruments to communicate with spirits i.e k2 meters. One thing they did use which I had not seen before where small plastic balls which would flash when touched they could not be disturbed by movement of any kind without flashing . As we discussed what we would do for the night they placed a green and orange ball in the centre of the table in between two k 2 meters and on the outside I can only describe as receiver that looked like an ariel with four lights at its base ,I was told again this could only be lit up if touched. They got excited telling me that in another haunted venue that they had got two lights once on the ariel and the orange ball had gone on for 30 seconds

As soon as they said that the orange ball went immediately on for a couple of minutes they where stunned but asked the spirit to turn the light off which was done immediately. Enthralled by this we sat at the table which has 4 chairs the wife and myself on two chairs on one side and her husband on the other. To cut a long story short the ariel was on four lights and both balls where continued to be lit and switched off and on with all questions asked of spirit for a period of around 2 hours.

After this period everything seemed to change there was just one cat left in the kitchen and he stared intently at the front window where a security light had come on and did the most bizzare thing he growled like a dog. Then my guests stated to both hear a voice whisper in their ears the wife heard a gruff male voice say “thank you”! the husband heard the words “get out” and the security light then did it again switched itself on and off worried we had intruders I went to investigate. I went out into the now dark night and the light went on and there was nothing there in fact there was nothing at all no wind no animals and no sound.

I went back into the kitchen and the atmosphere had intensified as I sat down on the chair it was pitch black and a feeling like we where surrounded by people. The husband decided to find out if the incidents where paranormal so he asked spirit to switch the security light outside on and off. We all nearly fell of our chairs as that was exactly what happened. He preceded to carry on in this vane but asked questions for one flash for yes and two flashes for no all the questions where answered, including how many of them there where (which there were 10).After about 30 minutes of this the atmosphere had become more intense and we decided to have a short break to gather ourselves.

We commenced back at the table and we carried on with spirit and the same happened again. Then the light went on again for the fourth time but stayed completely on for around 30 seconds. I looked through the window and around 3 foot away from the window on the drive I saw 10 black shadow figures in varying height staring at me. I wanted to call the event off but it would mean going out the door to leave I wasn’t about to do that. Then the chair that the husband was sitting on rocked from side to side for no reason and we heard a scraping noise. At this point terrified we turned the light on. The empty chair opposite me had been pulled back like someone was sitting there although nobody had touched it and there was only the three of us in the room. Again quite shaken we all tried to gather are thoughts of what had just transpired for quite a while

At this point our fear was through the roof but are curiosity was greater so we sat down and switched the lights off. They had only been off for 2 minutes and husband screamed for the lights to be switched back on which we did. He described behind me a massive black figure with like a black habit like a monk with red eyes standing right behind me. I was absolutely terrified of what he said but I wanted still to look behind me my guests promptly started to pack there belongings up and abruptly told me they were leaving and fled into the night. Leaving me to tidy and lock up with a potential demon and shadow people for company. I would like to say that this was my first and last encounter with the paranormal at the house but it wasn’t .


if you want to listen to this and other stories on the blog you can do so on the above film

I hope you enjoyed the account of my experience at the house if you want to see more footage of the paranormal in the form of pictures and videos head over to our facebook page at all things paranormal .Please leave your comments and give us feed back we are always interested in the stories that you like and don’t like so we can learn and  improve.If you would like to send us your own story  it is most welcome.If you would like to go on a ghost walk why not try Burton ghost wal


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