The Cavalier who spooked mr T

The Cavalier who spooked mr T


Mr T is a nick name given to an excellent member of supporting cast on the Burton ghost walks .His day and night job is a coach guide which takes him all over the country.This particular story was when he stayed over night  in a old hotel in Hereford. He encountered a lot of paranormal activity but the part of the story that sticks most in my mind was “the cavalier who spooked mr T”.

It was a standard weekend vacation job for me pick up on late  Friday afternoon then travel down to Hereford tour the local area and stay over Friday and Saturday night. Then return home  on the Sunday quite a nice little job really or so I thought.



Although it was a standard run for me and Bob driving and me coach guiding round the Hereford area (which I knew well) the accommodation though was different staying in a new hotel.

As soon as we arrived it was obvious to me that the hotel had been around a long time as you parked the coach you could see from the car park that the building had been added onto over the years.

As was the custom in our job I escorted our customers of the coach to help them book in and when all of them where of the coach. Bob parked it up in the car park

When all the customers had been booked in we where allocated our rooms in the hotel and we basically where off duty (except for emergencies for the night ).

We got our keys for the night and we both went to find our separate rooms. We agreed to meet up at reception to go to a local pub for something to eat and chew over the events of the day over a pint or two.

I found my room without problem (which seemed to be in the older part of the hotel) .It was not luxurious but clean and adequate with obviously a single bed en suite bathroom,TV and the usual kettle with complimentary biscuits milk etc

I settled into the room and put my things away and then watched a bit of TV then showered and changed and met Bob in reception.

“I saw a figure standing in front of me of a woman”


We walked a short distance into the old part of the town with its black and white buildings some of the foundations of which went back to mediaeval times.

We quickly arrived at our destination a pub that we used often when we did this trip and were greeted by the landlord who said “usual” and proceeded to pour two pints of Bulmers cider and placed them on the bar.

We had a general chit chat with the landlord and caught up on things that had been happening since our last visit then ordered our food and sat down had our meal and another pint of Bulmers and generally had a pleasant night.

We both left the pub around 11 p.m. feeling relaxed but otherwise quite sober and proceeded to make our way back to our hotel.

At this point the mist had settled over the street and it had gone quiet dark although the street lights gave out some glow so that you did have visability just to a lesser extent.

There was people still milling about but not to a great extent with this the old buildings and the mist it gave the night a bit of a Erie feeling like you where on the set of a thriller expecting somebody to leap from the shadows.

We proceeded to walk along the street and we came to part of the road where on either side of us where lanes (or alleyways ) branching off the main road.

As I walked along to my left in front of me I saw a figure standing in front of me of a woman .I would say in her early 30s. Nothing strange about this but it was the way she was dressed that made me look twice.

Instead of wearing modern clothing she had strange garb on very much in the style of what they would of worn in mediaeval times with the long dress and strange head wear.To make matters worse she was staring straight at me.

Putting it down to a fancy dressed party and maybe her using some kind of drug giving her a stoned look. I was about to avert my gaze when I realised that I could see straight through her and to emphasise the point she walked straight through the wall.

At this I said to Bob “did you see that ” which he replied “see what “.At this point I thought how it looked to others If I told people what I had seen and said nothing.


“the cavalier who spooked mr T”

We got back to the hotel said good night and went to our rooms.I put the incident down to the cider and settled of into an uneasy sleep.

I was awoken around 2 or 3am by the sound of a kettle boiling. I had not switched it on,so I switched it off and went back to bed.Thirty minutes later it boiled again but this time it did freak me out as the kettle was not plugged in. This time I took no chances I took it and locked it in the bathroom

I had no further trouble that night but I did not sleep too well.

I woke up the following morning not very refreshed after the incidents the night before.I had a living to make though so I put the face on and went into profesional mode and worked through my day.

That evening I refused the invitation to go down the pub apart from lack of sleep I did not want a reocurance of the ghostly sighting.

So I settled in the hotel for a night watching TV and had a snack in my room..After watching TV for a while I craved human company.

So I went down the stairs towards the front door and reception.

As I hit the bottom of the stairs and had the feeling of being watched and a compeling feeling to turn round I wish I had not .

Starying straight at me in atire from 400 years befor was a cavalier in full English civil war gear.As soon as I blinked though he had gone.

I carried on down the stairs to reception and asked them if they had a fancy dress party on.She said that there was no party in the hotel.I stated I had seen a cavalier on the stair case.

With a none comital voice she stated “you have seen the resident ghost then “.

After this i had enough,I had an early night and ghost or no ghost I was so tired I slept soundly all night.

The next day was return day for everybody.After this job i asked not to go to Hereford but elsewhere.


Why would mr Ts ghosts be relevant in Hereford one reason why is the history of Hereford.It was occupied by the Royalist and parlimintarions and seiged and fought over with blood being shed on both sides .

Prior to the English civil war there had been a settlement here from medievil times .The area that mr T saw the medievil lady was were the medievil town would of stood.


Unlike other true stories in the blog mr Burrows  haunts the  nursing home for example which is where the energy from the dead person has been passed on through an object manifesting in spirit.Unlike the story can love overcome evil ? where the paranormal involved are none human spirits (good and bad).

This I think was residue energy that mr T saw.The theory is that energy (usual caused by some trauma ) is traped or kept in a building or place showing a vision of the individual in their time .I think this what mr T probably saw but the paranormal is bit of an open book so I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.

If you would like to send us your own story  it is most welcome.If you would like to go on a ghost walk why not try Burton ghost walk .If you want to see real pictures/videos of actual ghosts go to our face book page  ALL THINGS PARAORMAL



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