KH Malupe from Los Angeles Nevada USA has allowed me to blog several of her stories with her numerous contacts with the other side.This story is the first of a continuing blog which involves her brother and is how it all began with a ghost app .
This is the first time this app has been mention with connection to shadow people .  and demons to find out why you need to read this and further blogs


One night, my 2 brothers and few friends were at a hotel party. One of the girls with them who was supposedly clairvoyant asked them if they’ve ever heard of the Ghost app. What is it? Basically it’s an electronic ouija board. You ask it a question and the answer appears on your phone. They download the app and begin to ask the app questions.
Brother: Tell me something you know about me
Phone: Bear
Brother: What? Bear?
Phone: Crying
My brother damn near drops his beer at this point. Just before heading to the party, he and his wife got into an argument and while storming out of the house his youngest daughter cried for him to stay. Her name is Camilla, we call her Millah Bear, my brother just calls her Bear. Now, the >Has everyone’s full attention.
Brother: ok, so what else?
Phone: car
Brother: ok? What car?
Phone: smoke
Brother: you died in a smoking car?
Phone: radiator
Brother: Enough about me! Tell me something about John! *points to his friend*
Phone: Gary
John: Gary?
Phone: Robin
John: *jaw dropped* Ok? What about them?
Phone: Money
Phone: Murder
John: fuck this shit! Turn it off!
Brother: are there spirits here?
Phone: yes
Brother: How many
Phone: 11
Brother: show yourself
Phone: Idiot
Brother: show yourself
Phone: idiot
Brother: where are you
Phone: behind
Phone: bedroom


Everyone starts to laugh but my brother begins to feel ill, everyone doesn’t believe him. He’s known to be a jokester but suddenly he starts to break out in a cold sweat and is turning pale. He tells my little brother to take a picture of him quickly. Directly behind him is an open bedroom door, in the photo there is a big dark figure standing behind him.
The clairvoyant friend starts to feel uneasy and tells them to stop. She takes her necklace off with a crystal at the end of it, holds it over her palm and proceeds to call on her “good spirit” guide. She tells the group that Good Spirit says to stop immediately. John’s phone rings, it’s Gary, his best friend and business partner. Everyone in the room quickly sober up.
John: my ex wife’s name is Robin.
Everyone, spooked the hell out at this point all get up and start to leave. On their way home, my brother’s car starts to smoke and dies out. He takes it to the shop, it’s his radiator.
This was pretty much the start of when all the crazy, unexplainable and paranormal things began to happen in our family that eventually led up to my little brother’s possession. I‘ve since googled and YouTubed info on the Ghost App and seen that lots of people have encountered the same thing. I wouldn’t personally try it 


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