Ghosts in most peoples minds tend to come in varying forms like the shadow people in the story at PARANORMAL STORIES OF SINAI HOUSE,or the habinger in the HARBINGER OF DEATH story.  So if it was not shock enough to see a ghost in your home to see them in the form that this ghost appered was worse.

the ghost in the flat


I bought my flat when my husband pasted away it wasnt over large but it was big enough for me and  my dog Sally for company nothing paranormal happened until one terrifing day and night.

        It was a hot july day I had come inside out of the heat and was sitting in my lounge and was watching TV and then for no apparent reason my lounge door suddenly flung open and violently started to woosh back and forth increasing with great speed at the same time the tempreture dropped in the room and I could see my breath in front of me.  Sally (a small poodle ) backed away from the door and started to bark eratically at it.Then it all stopped but Sally kept barking at something on the other side of the door.I was absolutely terrified

I eventuly plucked up the courage to go up to the door and look into my corridor I could see nothing there. AS I strained my eyes though I started to focus across my corridor into the kitchen area on the other side and then I saw It a hand but not a normal hand  it was translucent and I could see through it and then in a split second as out of thin air there was a figure of a man his attire was strange what I remember about him was a bright pink shirt and red braces and then as quickly as he appeared he disappeared .I spent the rest of that day anxious and worried after seeing the man in my kitchen and I stealed myself and went to bed.


I drifted off to sleep which seemed like a couple of hours and then I heard it faintly at first and then louder somebody shouting “rachel rachel” it awoke me from my slumber. As my eyes ajusted to the darkness in my room I heard the voice again shoting out but loader now. Then I saw in the middle of my room a lady sitting in the corner with hand outstretched uttering the words “rachel rachel “ but as soon as she appeared she disappeared through the wall she came through. I was terrified and hid under my covers.

Out of the crack  I saw shadows which seemed to walk in a direct straight line in my bedroom and straight through the wall. I Just couldnt cope with this and put the covers over my head and prayed. I drifted off into a deep sleep after this and  I woke up with the feeling of being watched and I was not wrong surrounding me around my bed where figures but not human ones because I could see straight through them.

There where around 6 of them and they were obvisouly talking about me but I couldnt hear what they where saying but it was obvious what profesion they where by the clothing they where wearing the men had long white coats on and the females had nursing uniforms on.This time I did get under my covers and did not come out to day light the next day. I looked around the room and nobody was there.I found out later the flats where built on the old grounds of the hospital and mine was built where the morgue was the appariations had not only been seen by me  in my flat, but my neighbours as well especially the man with the purple braces who the story had it was a phlebotonist who killed sevral people by poisioning and then killed himself and haunted the hospital

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