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THE HAT MAN BY Kayla Rendon

hat man

is he the HAT MAN

hat man
hat man
This story was kindly submitted by Kayla it is called the HAT Man . Although Kayla as you read does not think he is the Hat man but does suffer from sleep paralysis at a later date a sign of contact with him.

The first time I met him

He also felt he wasn’t the shadow man but ticked a few of the boxes by his description.Have a read of the story and see what you think and maybe even leave a comment .
The first time I ever saw him was at my grandmothers friends house, who lived a couple of houses down from us. He was standing in front of her friends room with his arms open as if he was saying “don’t come in”.
I remember tugging at my grandmas dress and asking her who that was.
She asked me who was I talking about and I would just point. She couldn’t see him and soon we ended up just leaving her friends house.

walked straight through him

After that I started seeing him frequently. Standing in the exact same position almost every time but now in front of my grandmas room. I saw him so often, my family kind of just accepted it and would be dismissive about it.
I remember one day I got the courage to walk right through him and into my grandmas room. Nothing happened! In a sense, I got use to the idea of him as well.
One day I was walking to my room and I saw him looking at me through a reflection of a mirror we had at the end of the hall. This time he had big red eyes and a long ugly smile, like the cat from Alice in wonderland.
That was also during time I overheard my mom telling my grandma that she was having nightmares about a dark shadow who would speak to her in tongues.
Till this day, I believe that that was NOT the hat man, but something malicious.

I saw him less

The older I got the less I saw him. When I was a freshman in high school, I started having sleep paralysis. If you have never experienced sleep paralysis you are very fortunate! It was so bad.
I would get it almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It was one of the worst times of my life, it really affected me. My sleep paralysis experiences are another story alone which I would love to share one day! 
Anyway this is when I started exploring the Internet and discovered that other people have seen the mysterious figure I have seen my whole life. I was so shocked, and so was my family.
I’ll never forget seeing drawings of the exact same person I started seeing when I was literally 7!!!!!
The most fascinating thing was that almost everyone who experiences him, also experiences sleep paralysis. The last time I saw him was during one of my sleep paralysis episodes.
Till this day, I don’t think he is evil. Who knows! The universe is such a mystery 👀

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