The Holy Grail is under Sinai ?

The Holy Grail is under Sinai ?

As mentioned in my earlier blog  ( MY APOLOGIES FOR MY ABSENCE FROM THIS BLOG) .Telling how events had stopped me writing due to the revelation of the Holy grail possibly being under Sinai house one of the locations that my ghost walks/hunts are based in Staffordshire uk.

help my house is haunted

How did it begin ?

This all started on a show called help my house is haunted .While on the show on national TV a historian made the claim that the HOLY GRAIL AND THE ARC OF THE COVENANT where under the house.

This has caused an international sensation with the story going viral all over the world.This all took place just as the lock down restrictions where being eased in the uk.In fact at the time of typing we are just starting live paranormal events at the house.

who where the knights Templar

Who where the knights Templar and what have they to do with the Holy Grail

The templars were founded in the 12th century to protect Holy Land pilgrims. The order became a powerful force across Europe,They were the elite shock troops of there time used mainly at the time to cavalry charge the opposition. They punched a hole in their ranks so that the rest of the army could follow up in the gap.They fought in the crusades with Christian kingdoms against well none Christian kingdoms.

The Knights Templars as bankers

Also the Templars invented Templar banking principles becoming the first international bankers. Inventing among other things travellers cheques where you could deposit in one capital i.e Paris and be given a receipt note then travel with this and collect the money in another city i.e London.They also more or less invented safe deposit boxes,Bureau de exchange to name a few things that we use in modern banking today.

The Templar connection those with Sinai park house is to do with another role they are rumoured to have taken on.The templars where said to have become the protectors of the Holy Grail a cup that Christ drank out of at the last supper and the Ark of the Covenant, a chest reported to contain remnants of the 10 Commandments.

Conventicle history of Sinai house

Sinai in the dark ages was a clearing in the woods where the druids worshipped around the ancient healing spring Chalybeate waters.Later on it was a roman hill fort and then the de Schobenhale family stronghold.They gave the house to Burton Abbey in 1004. They owned it until after the dissolution of the monasteries in the 1530s. Then the Paget family who owned it to the beginning of the last century

How are the Templars connected to Sinai

According to a local historian the Holy Grail and the Ark of the covenant are underneath the house.The story goes that when leaving the holy land they took the treasure and needed a safe place to store it. Sinai is on a escarpment it stands at the southern most point created by a retreating glacier from the last Ice Age . It is right in the centre of England as far as possible from the coast so would have had better protection from foreign marauders.

The caves under the house

One of the founders of the Knights Templar was a man called Hugues de Payens, who is reported to have strong connections with the Abbey.The monks that resided here according to the historian had little love for the roman catholic church.They tended to be a law unto there selves.Having little control from the pope making them ideal to hide the treasure.It has also been cited as evidence that the abbey had not bothered with the site until the 13th century. Then they constructed wooden structures on it.This was at the same time as the treasure had to go into a place of safety. So the theory is they constructed the building on top of a cave network accessed via a tunnel to hide it

Underneath the house are natural caves and caverns.Researchers have previously tried to explore a secret passageway in the grade 2 listed building in the 19th century.They were forced back by fumes. The cellar’s stone archway has remained bricked up since.

Evidence has proved recently {with GPR )that caverns do exist some of it from alabaster mining but also there are natural caverns under the house.

sinai house
sinai house

Circumstantial evidence


There are legends though about other tunnels.One goes down to Burton Abbey which was in the town of Burton upon Trent.This tunnel could of been from the entrance in the cellar attempted to be entered in the 1800s.There is a local version that this is a tunnel of trees leading to Burton abbey.Also while excavating they removed cow sheds and a tunnel was found and they found gold coins and shoes from several hundred years before.This tunnel was leading away from the house in the opposite direction from Burton.There is also the belief that there was a tunnel from the cellar to where the Chalybeate spring (or lords well) . This was said to be the site of a druid temple. Later in its history it was used as spa for the well to do that stayed at Sinai.This was an intact room made of stone that was in its history said to be used as a cell where people where taken up the tunnels to be tried in the abbey or later on in time the Pagets court.

What is little known is that Burton is reported to have tunnels underneath the town whereby a man and a boat can travel down.It was said these were used to smuggle beer to entrances on the outskirts of town, Whereby they evade paying taxes to the sheriff of Stafford.This could be just legend but the cellars in part of the town flood from a water course and there is a lake under a building which has a boat on it.The cave is where all the water from the peak district naturally flows into. Are there tunnels connected to this the court is out you tell me

Paranormal activity

It maybe coincidence but at the same times as running Sinai I was running events at Shughborough. Which is a historic stately home in Staffordshire.Shoughborough and Sinai have something in common apart from both begin with S. Shughborough also states to have the holy grail. In the grounds is a monument called the shepard monument. This is said to give you a cryptic code which could if cracked tell you where the grail is.

In one psychic event that took place. The psychic picked up on something being in a opening under the monument which had been removed.This place was extremely paranormally active. when we held a seance in the white tower and it was that active that objects moved across the table when nothing had touched it. One member of the group was yanked from the circle.The explanation that the psychic on the night was to ask the woman if she was a witch she said she was.The psychic said this is why she was thrown across the room as the spirit was a psychic who did the same as ourselves when she was alive.

Personal Paranormal

Around 2 years ago I received a email from a psychic I worked with. Who stated he had seen two knights Templar with me in spirit who joined me while on the grounds and left me when I went of the premises.I thought nothing of it until a year later with another psychic. We did a seance in the cellar of where the entrance to the tunnels is. The group were dragged across and nearly out of the cellar.I couldn’t help them those as I was pinned against the wall and lifted off the ground. While being suspended something that was not there pressed hard on my heart.When I was back on the ground I asked the psychic what it was he stated it was two knights Templar.

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