There is a lot of ghost stories on Burton ghost walk but not all of them are on the walks as the area is so haunted.Ghosts tend to frequent places they new in life like in the story of the ghost with the red braces .This is one of those stories

residence of 3 female ghosts


The post office stood on the side of the road which lead up to a roundabout in a suburb of a market town. Its design though gave clues of its past with its black and white exterior and low beamed doorways into the property and in it . Its rooms downstairs where set as a modern post office.

The rooms upstairs where old in style and showed the true nature of the house a 150 years before.When the building stood on a then village green before the sprawl of the town swallowed it up.


I went to work here at the beginning of 2000 and this is my story of what I witnessed and later found out .I worked 9 to 5 monday to Friday I dealt with all the post office business i.e stamps,mail etc .I also dealt with stock,filling shelves and generally keeping the place clean and tidy.

I worked mainly on my own only occasionally seeing the owners.To be honest I never felt comfortable while on my own like I was being watched.The building as well had a creepy vibe to it.

The downstairs was a modern shop set up . The upstairs rooms where as they were a 150 years before Victorian in style.Although the upstairs room where Victorian in style the actual building was at least 500 years old.The whole atmosphere was just very spooky.


The area that the building was in was in a now suburban area of the town with a couple of miles walk or expensive bus ride into it .I was very short of money at he time and needed the job .

So with this in mind I tended to ignore the strange sounds and smells coming from the post office.They started almost immediately as I started working there.At first I would hear light tapings and temperatures woukd drop in the shop area of the building when I was alone.I just put this down to a air lock in the radiators and ignored it.

the blue lady


One day though in October I was getting ready to go home after a busy day.I was just cleaning up and I heard tapping and the temperature droped.I thought nothing of it thinking it was the radiators playing up again.Then I heard it the distinct sound of footsteps and the temperature dropped that low I could see my breath in front of me.I instinctively stopped though and looked behind me feeling some kind of presence .

In the doorway to the shop was a blue glow but in the glow was a silhouette of woman. It was there for a split second and then it disappeared through the closed door.Through the window I watched the figure walk to the middle of the street and disappear.

I was in a complete state of shock and remember hugging the broom not knowing what to do.Eventually I got myself together and rationalised that it was a trick of the light and left the building.

Really I did not want to go back the next day but it also meant I couldn’t pay my rent to be honest it would of been better not paying the rent.

They started by looking at the shop area of the premises and then they proceeded to go to the back where the stairs to go upstairs.At the bottom of the stairs since I had started there had been a wind chime.This area of the house was sealed of with no windows and definitely no wind.The wind chime went absolutely mad also at the same time a large thumping sound was heard on the upstairs bannister.


Nothing happened for a couple of weeks and I started to feel a little bit more at ease in the premises.I always thought that the business was doing ok as there was a steady flow of customers.Apparently it was not doing as well as I thought.One day the owners arrived with a young couple who apparently where thinking of buying the post office.Much to my annoyance they proceeded to show them around without introducing them to me.

The perspective owners left the premises not wanting another viewing and as soon as they put foot out of the building it all stopped.The owner left without saying a word to myself and in a state of shock I left myself.

The next day i went back to work and my head was in a wurl thinking if my job is safe to what had happened the other day.What happened next completely blew my mind.

Although the main shop was downstairs the upstairs bedrooms where used as storage areas.I had to get something for the shop so proceeded upstairs to get it.I went in the bedroom to retrieve the item and then heard the same banging I had heard from the other day.It seemed to be coming from the top of the staircase.

I very gingerly made my way to look at the top of the staircase and stopped in my tracks. What I saw.In front of me was a full apparition of a ghost of a woman. I could see straight through her.She was obviously dead as she was hanging with a piano wire around her neck. It had cut into her neck and strangulated her. Her limp body was only in view for a short while because when i blinked she had disappeared.


I had enough and demanded that the owner did something about things. She said she would come and talk to me.

She arrived quiet promptly and found me in a shaken state.She made me a drink and settled me down.It appeared when she was doing this that it was not the first time she had done it .She then sat quietly and listened to all the things that had happened.She stated that this was not the first time this had happened with other staff .They had suspected that it had been happening to me. They said nothing as they did not want to loose me.


She then explained to me about things. The blue lady had been seen many times before her history was a tragic story.The nick name for the extension on the house was the coffin door due to the fact in the past it was a undertakers.The story goes that a new widow came to the shop looking for a coffin to bury her husband.She was penniless but offered the undertaker payment in kind for the coffin.Things went too far and he murdered her. To not get caught he hid the corpse in the coffin .He buried it at the back of the house.The Blue lady is her spirit walking to her burial site.

The chimes and the banging in the hallway where due to another ladies misfortune.The daughter of the house owner was Maud she became pregnant. she found this hard to cope with and hung herself from the bannister.She had been seen and her footsteps had been heard by previous staff . Maud rings the chimes in the hallway if she doesn’t like you. when other buyers had viewed the same thing had happened.

The explanation of what I had just seen was the most sad and grotesque The ghost is of a young lady who use to teach piano. She was in a very unhappy marriage and became so distraught she hung herself from the bannisters with a piano wire.

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