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Ghost busters 3 Sinai ghost stories

ghost busting with Help my house is haunted tv show

I have worked with ghost busters at Sinai house in Staffordshire for over 20 years. Myself and my wife own Burton ghost walk   .We run tours, ghost hunts and works with people who rent Sinai for there own events or stays.

Recently a uk TV show visited the house called help my house is haunted.  A  local historian on the program stated that the holy grail is under the house.

With a reputed 168 ghosts and famous visitors such  as the TV show most haunted  and  Derek Acorah. Sinai is most deficiently a haven for ghost busters 

Burton on Trent is also a haven for the paranormal .It  has a large amount of famous connections as in the story on the blog of Tutankhamun and the curse of the tree. 

I hope you enjoy the 3 different accounts of this very spiritual house.


This all started with a ghost busting  show called help my house is haunted . A historian made the claim that the HOLY GRAIL AND THE ARC OF THE COVENANT where under the house.

Who where the knights Templar and what have they to do with the Holy Grail

The templars were founded in the 12th century to protect Holy Land pilgrims. The order became a powerful force across Europe.They were the elite shock troops of their time used mainly at the time to cavalry charge the opposition. They punched a hole in their ranks so that the rest of the army could follow up in the gap.They fought in the crusades with Christian kingdoms against well none Christian kingdoms.

The Knights Templars as bankers

 The Templars invented Templar banking principles becoming the first international bankers. Inventing among other things travellers cheques.  Deposit in one capital given a receipt note then travel with this and collect the money in another.They also  invented safe deposit boxes,Bureau de exchange  that we use in modern banking.

The Templar connection those with Sinai park house is to do with another role they are rumoured to have taken on.The templars where said to have become the protectors of the Holy Grail. A cup that Christ drank out of at the last supper. The Ark of the Covenant, a chest reported to contain remnants of the 10 Commandments.

 History of Sinai house

Sinai in the dark ages was a clearing in the woods where the druids worshipped around a ancient healing spring .Later on it was a roman hill fort and then the de Schobenhale family stronghold.They gave the house to Burton Abbey in 1004. They owned it until after the dissolution of the monasteries in the 1530s. Then the Paget family  owned it to the beginning of the last century.

How are the Templars connected to Sinai

According to a local historian the Holy Grail and the Ark of the covenant are underneath the house.The story is  when leaving the holy land they took the treasure and needed a safe place to store it. Sinai is on a escarpment it stands at the southern most point. Created by a retreating glacier from the last  Ice Age . It is right in the centre of England as far as possible from the coast. So would have had  good protection from foreign marauders.

The caves under the house

The founder of the Knights Templar was called Hugues de Payens. Who is reported to have strong connections with the Abbey.The monks that resided here according to the historian had little love for the roman catholic church.They tended to be a law unto thereselves.Having little control from the pope making them ideal to hide the treasure.It has also been cited as evidence that the abbey had not bothered with the site until the 13th century.Then they constructed wooden structures on it.This was at the same time as the treasure had to go into a place of safety. So the theory is they constructed the building on top of a network accessed via a tunnel to hide it

Underneath the house are natural caves and caverns.Researchers have previously tried to explore a secret passageway in the grade 2 listed building in the 19th century.They were forced back by fumes. The cellar’s stone archway has remained bricked up since.

Evidence has proved recently {with GPR )that caverns do exist. Some of it from alabaster mining but also there are natural caverns under the house.

sinai house haven for ghost busters
sinai house

Ghost buster potential

There are legends though about other tunnels. One goes down to Burton Abbey which was in the town of Burton upon Trent.This tunnel could of been from the entrance in the cellar attempted to be entered in the 1800s. There is a also a local version that this is a tunnel of trees leading to Burton abbey.

Also while excavating they removed cow sheds and a tunnel was found. In the tunnel they found gold coins and shoes from several hundred years before. There is also the belief that there was a tunnel from the cellar to where the Chalybeate spring (or lords well) . This was said to be the site of a druid temple. Later in its history it was used as spa for the well to do that stayed at Sinai.This was an intact room made of stone that in earlier history said to be used as a cell. People where taken up the tunnels to be tried in the abbey or later on in time the Pagets court.

Little known is that Burton is reported to have tunnels underneath the town.Whereby a man and a boat can travel down. It was said these were used to smuggle beer to entrances on the outskirts of town. Whereby they evade paying taxes to the sheriff of Stafford. This could be just legend but the cellars in part of the town flood from a water course. There is a lake under a building which has a boat on it. The cave is where all the water from the peak district naturally flows into. Are there tunnels connected to Sinai the court is out on this you tell me.

Paranormal potential

It may be coincidence but at the same times as running Sinai I was running events at Shughborough. Which is a historic stately home in Staffordshire. Shughborough and Sinai have something in common apart from both begin with S. Shughborough also states to have the holy grail. In the grounds is a monument called the shepard monument. This is said to give you a cryptic code which could if cracked tell you where the grail is

In one psychic event that took place. The psychic picked up on something being in a opening under the monument which had been removed. This place was extremely paranormally active. When we held a seance in the white tower and it was that active that objects moved across the table when nothing had touched it. One member of the group was yanked from the circle.The explanation that the psychic on the night was to ask the woman if she was a witch she said she was.The psychic said this is why she was thrown across the room as the spirit was a psychic who did the same as ourselves when she was alive.

Ghost busters personal experience

Around 2 years ago I received a email from a psychic I worked with. Who stated he had seen two knights Templar with me in spirit. He joined me while on the grounds and left me when I went of the premises. I thought nothing of it until a year later with another psychic. We did a seance in the cellar of where the entrance to the tunnels is. The group were dragged across and nearly out of the cellar. I couldn’t help them those as I was pinned against the wall and lifted off the ground.While being suspended something that was not there pressed hard on my heart. When I was back on the ground I asked the psychic what it was he stated it was two knights Templar.

2.GHOST BUSTERS Halloween at Sinai house by Carl Davies

I first met Carl when he  joined me at Sinai  on a Halloween ghost tour.He had several paranormal encounters on the night.This first blog is one of them.This is the first of many of Carls stories. He has appeared to have had a large amount of interaction with spirit throughout his life.

Ghost busters of Sinai park house

Ghost busters at Sinai

It was my sons birthday on Halloween so I decided to take him on a ghost walk. He had heard of my adventures as a child around the spooky haunted house of Sinai in Burton Upon Trent.As a young child I froze scared stiff

As soon as I entered the field that is below the daunting sight of the then dilapidated structure. It just filled my young bones full of dread, an evil feeling of  malevolent presence was thick in the air. I literally had to be pulled along by my late father. With each foreboding step it felt oh so wrong being there.  I digress, as fast forward from the late 70’s to last night. I felt that I should take my lad on his  16th birthday.

lantern man at sinai
can you see the lantern man in the original picture (where the orange glow is) taken by  another
witness he is walking away from the gate area where Carl saw him.

the enhanced lantern man
this is the enhancement of the lantern man from the orange glow on the above picture

lantern man at Sinai

There was an organised Ghost walk on. So as we biked our way there, we realised how steep the hill was and walked. As we rounded the bend towards the house, My boy said he could hear a clinking sound like a bicycle bell.It was  intermittently clanging. It was to his left and I was to his right at that time (and I do not have a bell either).

Then as we approached the structure we could see that there were what seemed to be three people. One had a lantern that emanated an orange older light, and two kind of blue/white torch lights. We got closer and closer and came to the two men that were stationed near the entrance to take names.

Both had torches but no lantern, where had the lantern holder gone???. Also I noted that the house had no lights on that was situated behind them. We thought nothing of this until someone on the walk said they saw a figure with a lantern and a clanging sound. .

Ghost busters torches die 

As we went around the walk we were told that people have problems with their torches especially around the well area. I had been taking pictures and had no problems with my mobile phone. if anything it was really annoying as it was in full beam and took really bright rubbish pictures. (note them the well ones were good though lol). As we got to the Well my phone flash light wouldn’t work which produced ironically a better result.

But as soon as we moved off Bryn said “weird your flash is working again”. Gods honest, I didn’t meddle with the settings. Im too technophobic to do that type of shizzle. Note in my pictures the distinct difference. During Chris’s talk about the Well he went into the fact that it had been a henge. This areas Stonehenge if you like and that the druids would sacrifice different offerings to the Gods here.


Sinai witches  

He  goes on to stating that up until recently that covens of Witches still used that spot to do their deeds. Until they couldn’t because the place was being reclaimed. I never knew of this

When I was around ten years old I played around this area with mates until it got dark and made for home, It was getting dusk and we had been messing about up bears cave and the world war one air-raid shelter.This is  near Spalding house in Spaldings wood. That incidentally is on the same escarpment of hills that Sinai is situated only the Henhurst hill road separates them. Anyway as it was getting dark and this would be summertime 6 week holiday around 1981, so about 9:30-10ish.

Ghost busters and the coven

I decide to chip home but my mate lived the other way and left me to go back up across the top of the Bears cave towards top of the Devil slide. You could then,not far before where the modern steps now get down the steep part rather than use the actually Devils slide.

I got down to the place where directly behind the house was a hill and over that you see the base of the slide.  Oh my gosh…what the….I hid ! I saw a fire as there was always a fire at the bottom of devil slide but only cinders not lit. There was    purple robed people surrounding it with hoods on. Chanting weird stuff I froze thinking how do I get past them without them spotting me. I slid back down the steep hillock. Incidentally being wary of the guy that shoots his shotgun at us earlier in the week or month. As maybe he would grab me or shoot me.

I decide to chip home but my mate lived the other way and left me to go back up across the top of the Bears cave towards top of the Devil slide. You could then,not far before where the modern steps now get down the steep part rather than use the actually Devils slide.


The devils slide

So I go back the way I came and up to the top of the Devil slide and over the top.I saw them freaks and their fire in the distance down the slide. Over the top to near the top of the hospital area. Obviously my mates all took the Mickey saying i was jagging them, and it was made up.

Hasten to add i kept well clear of that area for years. So it shows me now that that coven existed and were moved on from Sinai to the now Oaks wood but we called it Spalding wood.I mentioned this to Chris and he made everyone aware that indeed the witches still operate.

We then get to the moat bridge and the guide tells us of the Brindley family. This gets Bryn all spooked because of his similar name .The best was when we went down into the cellar. See my other post about the lady and the little brown haired boy. Decide for yourself  but just like to say it was really worthwhile ghost walk, for the in-depth informative history.

In summary

Carl was not alone in his sighting of the lantern man.One of the men on the gate stated to have seen him.One of the  group stopped the tour  for his witness account.Another lady caught him on the picture above.Carl was later to tell me that he seemed to be looking at the booking list.

Sinai has many  ghost stories (168 they say) that only some are told on the tours now as we are not able to fit them all in .One story was of a ghostly coach and driver at the house.This being in its time a bit of a party house for the rich.With the gentry inviting the well healed from far and wide to join them in the party.

They where transported by coaches driven by coachmen. Was this one of them who may of been checking the booking list and looking for his fair.

The witches did practice at Sinai in modern times when the house was a  ruining and waste land.They confirmed this fact when the coven visited Sinai one Halloween on one of the tours.Also in the local area over the years all the items used in witch craft skulls etc have been found in local barns . So Carl may of stumbled on the local Coven.  


Burton on Trent ghost walk is located in Burton on Trent and Sinai house .Both are hidden gems of paranormal activity in the Staffordshire countryside

History of Sinai and the paranormal

The history of Sinai park house goes back a long way in fact prior to the Romans in Britain. It is situated on top of a hill which over 1500 years ago was between two Celtic tribes and was a sacred place.Here a sacred well stood (now called lords well) in a forest of oak trees. Later in its history it was a Roman fort and then the holiday home of monks.After the dissolution of the monasteries it was owned by the Paget family. The history of the house is a lot longer and complex with stories of murder, witches and warlocks thrown in. This is not what this blog is mainly about.

Of course with all this history human activity and being a holy place it has a lot of ghosts (some say demons). In fact a reputed 168 of them. I started working with the couple who owned the house in the year 2000. I started by doing a ghost walk this quickly increased to ghost hunts and psychic events.

video of the team with Derek Accorah at Sinai

Most haunted visited Sinai park house

Ghost busters most haunted visited Sinai

Sinai has had over the years had involvement with television ,radio and press re the paranormal. This was the case when Most haunted filmed here several years ago.

So that is a bit of back ground for you on Sinai .The paranormal incidents that have happened to me as I have worked at this location over the past 21 years are too many to mention in this single #blog but the #paranormal incident below is one of the more memorable of them.

It was really another day at the office or in my case another night at the office we had a booking from 9 p.m. to 2 am in the morning. It was a private booking with a couple who where experienced paranormal investigators visiting various paranormal locations in the uk over several years so there was only the 3 of us.

Ghost busters paranormal investigation

I arrived 30 minutes before my guests to check everything was ok and await their arrival.From the onset things where not as usual.The cats who had never came into the house had assembled in the kitchen. All ll four of them where circling and staring into the centre of the room.

My guests arrived and we went to the kitchen area. We had a conversation about various paranormal subjects.They explained they where not psychic but used instruments to communicate with spirits i.e k2 meters. One thing they did use which I had not seen before where small plastic balls which would flash when touched.They could not be disturbed by movement of any kind without flashing .

As we discussed what we would do for the night.They placed a green and orange ball in the centre of the table in between two k 2 meters.On the outside I can only describe as receiver that looked like an ariel with four lights at its base ,I was told again this could only be lit up if touched. They got excited telling me that in another haunted venue that they had got two lights once on the ariel and the orange ball had gone on for 30 seconds

Ghost buster equipment

As soon as they said that the orange ball went immediately on for a couple of minutes. They where stunned but asked the spirit to turn the light off which was done immediately. Enthralled by this we sat at the table which has 4 chairs. The wife and myself on two chairs on one side and her husband on the other. To cut a long story short the ariel was on four lights and both balls where continued to be lit. Switched off and on with all questions asked of spirit for a period of around 2 hours.

The cat stared at the window

After this period everything seemed to change. There was just one cat left in the kitchen and he stared intently at the front window. Where a security light had come on and did the most bizarre thing he growled like a dog.

Then my guests stated to both hear a voice whisper in their ears. The wife heard a gruff male voice say “thank you”! the husband heard the words “get out”. The security light then did it again switched itself on and off worried we had intruders. I went to investigate. I went out into the now dark night and the light went on and there was nothing there. In fact there was nothing at all no wind no animals and no sound.

I went back into the kitchen and the atmosphere had intensified. As I sat down on the chair it was pitch black and a feeling like we where surrounded by people. The husband decided to find out if the incidents where paranormal. So he asked spirit to switch the security light outside on and off.

We all nearly fell of our chairs as that was exactly what happened. He preceded to carry on in this vane but asked questions for one flash for yes and two flashes for no all the questions where answered, Including how many of them there where (which there were 10).After about 30 minutes of this the atmosphere had become more intense and we decided to have a short break to gather ourselves.

The light went on again

We commenced back at the table and we carried on with spirit and the same happened again. Then the light went on again for the fourth time but stayed completely on for around 30 seconds. I looked through the window. Around 3 foot away from the window I saw 10 black shadow figures in varying height staring at me.

I wanted to call the event off but it would mean going out the door to leave I wasn’t about to do that. Then the chair that the husband was sitting on rocked from side to side for no reason and we heard a scraping noise. At this point terrified we turned the light on. The empty chair opposite me had been pulled back like someone was sitting there although nobody had touched it.There was only the three of us in the room. Again quite shaken we all tried to gather are thoughts of what had just transpired for quite a while

To much for the ghost busters

At this point our fear was through the roof. Are curiosity was greater so we switched the lights off. They had only been off for 2 minutes and husband screamed for the lights to be switched back on which we did. He described behind me a massive black figure with like a black habit like a monk with red eyes standing right behind me. I was absolutely terrified of what he said but I wanted still to look behind me. My guests y started to pack their belongings up and abruptly told me they were leaving and fled into the night. Leaving me to tidy and lock up with a potential demon and shadow people for company. I would like to say that this was my first and last encounter with the paranormal at the house but it wasn’t .

if you want to listen to this and other stories on the blog you can do so on the above film

I would be interested in what you think so please give us your comments below. If you have a story to tell please send them to us. We will put them on the blog (the contact form is on the front page)

If you would like to go on a ghost walk why not try Burton ghost walk. If you want to see real pictures/videos of actual ghosts go to our face book page  ALL THINGS PARAORMAl

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