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Ghostly tales of a medical nature

ghostly tales of the harbinger
 Ghostly tales abound in medical establishments from hospital to nursing homes. Being places of birth ,drama and all facets of life including  the most relevant to this blog death.
   When we do die and move over to the other side does someone or something come to get us. After talking to this retired nurse after the burton ghost walk . She seemed to think so as she felt she had  met  THE HARBINGER  OF DEATH


I started working at the General hospital when I first qualified as  a nurse. It was quite an old hospital it had started life nearly one hundred years before. It was built very much in the style of that era being a large 4 storey building.  Made of red brick with very dark and gloomy corridors devoid of any colour on the floors and  walls. Which once would have been clinical white but had faded over the years into a off brown colour.

My ward was ward 5 which unfortunately for me was at the top of the hospital on the 4th floor. It could only be accessed by a large antique lift or by walking up 4 flights of stairs. The wards layout although having modern equipment was set out in the same design as a hundred years before.

The beds where set out in what they call Nightingale fashion. Which basically was straight lines on either side of the room left and right.  In between the beds where curtains to close round the bed areas.Behind these where 4 separate isolation rooms in the middle of the room there was a walk way. It was like stepping back in time.

Ghostly tales of the lady in white

I worked my first 6 months on the ward on days to support me in my new post. Later though I was sent on nights. My nights for the first couple of weeks where uneventful. Until one night I was doing the drug round as usual on the ward,

One of the ladies in my care had cancer and had been given a short time to live. Due to this she was on regular pain relief. As usual I offered the lady her pain relief but I can still hear her words now. “thank you dear but there is no need the lady in white has already given them to me.”I  asked the lady if she was sure about that. She insisted she had given them to her. I was concerned because not one of the staff wore white and no medical staff or qualified people where on the ward. I just put it down to a fluke or the ladies imagination.

Another lady I gave a hot drink to help her settle to sleep. I always did this at the end of my drug round so as usual I asked her if she wanted her drink.She replied “no your ok the lady in white has offered me one”.This time this rattled me and I searched the Ward for this lady but with no luck.


As I mentioned earlier the beds where in straight lines on the Ward but there where 4 side rooms. These  where used for people who where close to death. They had in a lot of case had heart monitors which alarmed when the heart stopped. They where connected to the emergency crash team for immediate medical attention.

There was also other medical equipment in the room ie oxygen etc.The doors to these rooms had clear glass round portal windows the kind of things you would get on a ship.Part of my round was to check these rooms when I got to room 4 it was my last check at the end of my round.

I looked through the window and  the patient was sitting up in bed and staring at the end of it. I put my hand on the door to go in and blinked my eye and in the space that she was staring at and then a small spec of light appeared the size of a pea within a couple of seconds the light grew into a orb then the most bizzare thing happened then there was a brilliant white light but in the light etched in black was the shape of a figure


ghostly tales of the old hag -harbinger of death


Sudenly like she had stepped out of the white light was  a figure of a old woman.. I couldnt see what clothing she was wearing just the bright light but I could see her face.She was very old in fact ancient she had leather like put pale skin and once where wrinkles where now grooves they where that prominent on  her face,her hair was unkempt and mated her teeth where broken and the majority of them black but it was her eyes I always remember  they where jet black and piercing.

For a split second she moved her head and stared at me I was frozen to the spot in sheer terror but also in a strange way quiet mesmorized.Then she turned her head away and stood at the end of the bed looking  directly at he patient in it and crooked her mid fingure and started to gesture to her to come with her.Then as soon as she  had arrived she disappeared.

As if I was in a trance I felt like I was awoken by an alarm going off I quickly realised what it was it was the alarm going of on the patients monitor she was flat lining her heart had stopped beating. I ran to get the emergency trolley but by the time myself and the emergency team got to her she had died.I resigned my job the next day but I later heard that the other two women who had seen the white lady also died shortly after.The hospital closed in 1993 but I believe it is now a housing estate.


Mr  Burrows  haunts the  nursing home takes you into the thought in the paranormal. That objects and people  can hold energies as this true story maybe goes some way to prove.



I worked as a nurse in a elderly home.The home was set in a rural location set off a road in its own grounds. It had gardens and  a large pond at the front of the house. It was I would say around 300 years old and was quiet an imposing site.Having white walls and black beams on the exterior.It  was modern inside being set out over 3 floors ground,middle and attic.There was around 20 plus bedrooms for residents and was said to be one of two original halls.One being the upper and this one being the lower hall

I took a job  as a night nurse and was part of a team of 3 people myself and 2 care assistants. From the onset things at this place did not seem right. Although at times you worked on your own you never felt so. As you felt as someone or something was watching you. For no unaccountable reason temperatures would drop that cold that you could see your breath in front of you.


What was  bizarre was that items would go missing when the residents where asleep and then reappear in another part of the home.  At first I thought it was the staff moving items around and just generally playing tricks on me

The home though was very large and the 2 care assistants would work .In another part of the home as I tended to be on my own while I did the drug round and nursing duties.My routine was quiet a regular one following the same route as I did the drug round. I got to know my residents quiet well and also the lay out of the home.In particular the residents rooms and the contents in them.





I have got to admit there was one resident called Ethel who I became somewhat fund of . Ethel had quiet a pleasant room with the usual things in it . Pictures of relatives and various nicknacks from her  life.One thing that she had though which was different ( the only one in the home}. He sat on her bed a very large black and white teddy bear which she called mr burrows.

I gave Ethel her tablets and left the room and proceeded down a long corridor which went round a bend where a large chair was sited.  As I went round the bend the chair was in its usual place. I nearly pushed the drug trolley over in shock sitting in the chair staring at me was the same Mr Burrows.

When I had got over the initial shock and pulled myself together I made my way back down the corridor. Checking as I went that I was the only person in this part of the building. I checked on Ethel who was fast asleep . One of the things about Ethel was that she was bed bound.So for her to place the bear up the corridor within 4 minutes. Suddenly have a miracle and get past me without noticing was impossible. Although shaken I placed mr Burrows back in her room. I continued with my duties not saying a word about it too anyone.


The events that followed though I feel gave me some insights into what was going on. To be honest after this incident I did not want to go back to the home.To to be honest though I needed the money.I wish I had never bothered. Incidents of items around the home disappearing and reappearing seemed to increase. It  was like things where being ramped up. I carried on those blocking it out of my mind and thinking of the pay cheque.

One night though when I was doing the drug round I was standing near the door to the attic. The temperature suddenly dropped and a silhouette of what could have been a woman in a white glow.Who had  no facial features and I always remember no legs glided down the corridor and down the stairs.

When I had stopped myself having a heart attack I noticed that the door to the attic was opened . I was sure that this had been locked prior to the apparition. It seemed that this door way had been opened inviting me in. Call it stupidity or curiosity I locked my trolley up and opened the door Inside was a long windy staircase


Much against my common sense I proceeded to go up. At the top of the staircase was a another door with some  fear I opened the door. In front of me was a empty room except for a low metal bed with a stained old mattress on it. What was scarry was attached to the bed  where two cuffs with chains.  On the inside of the door where  scratch marks . This was enough I slammed the door and ran down the stairs. I managed to finish my drug round and got to the end of the shift  and left and never went back.

Several years later I was speaking to former workers of the home and I casually asked if anybody knew of the room in the attic.They smiled and explained to me around two hundred years ago one of the squires got the local girl pregnant but she threatened to run away so he got her and locked her in the attic and shackled her to the bed. She escaped and drowned herself in the pond outside still pregnant . Her name was Ethel the man who got her pregnant was mr burrows was Ethel trying to tell me something from the grave.


Ghosts in most peoples minds tend to come in varying forms like the shadow people in the story at PARANORMAL STORIES OF SINAI HOUSE.Or the habinger in the HARBINGER OF DEATH story. So if it was not shock enough to see a ghost in your home.To see them in the form that this ghost appered was worse.




I bought my flat when my husband pasted away it wasn’t over large. It was big enough for me and  my dog Sally.Nothing paranormal happened until one terrifing day and night.

It was a hot july day I had come inside out of the heat and was sitting in my lounge and was watching TV. Then for no apparent reason my lounge door suddenly flung open. It violently started to woosh back and forth increasing with great speed. The same time the tempreture dropped in the room and I could see my breath in front of me. Sally (a small poodle ) backed away from the door and started to bark eratically at it. Then it all stopped but Sally kept barking at something on the other side of the door.

I eventuly plucked up the courage to go up to the door and look into my corridor I could see nothing there. AS I strained my eyes though I started to focus across my corridor into the kitchen area on the other side.  Then I saw It a hand but not a normal hand.  I could see through it and then in a split second as out of thin air there was a figure of a man.His attire was strange what I remember about him was a bright pink shirt and red braces.Then as quickly as he appeared he disappeared .I spent the rest of that day anxious and worried after seeing the man in my kitchen and I stealed myself and went to bed.


I drifted off to sleep which seemed like a couple of hours.Then I heard it faintly at first and then louder somebody shouting “rachel rachel”. It awoke me from my slumber.  As my eyes ajusted to the darkness in my room I heard the voice again shoting out but loader now.  Then I saw in the middle of my room a lady sitting in the corner with hand outstretched uttering the words “rachel rachel “. Soon as she appeared she disappeared through the wall she came through. I was terrified and hid under my covers.


Out of the crack I saw shadows.Which seemed to walk in a direct straight line in my bedroom and straight through the wall.  I Just couldnt cope with this and put the covers over my head and prayed. I drifted off into a deep sleep after this . Waking up  I felt I was being watched and I was not wrong. Surrounding me around my bed where figures but not human ones because I could see straight through them.

There where around 6 of them and they were obvisouly talking about me.  I couldnt hear what they where saying.It was obvious what profesion they where by the clothing they where wearing.  The men had long white coats on and the females had nursing uniforms on. This time I did get under my covers and did not come out to day light the next day.  I looked around the room and nobody was there. I found out later the flats where built on the old grounds of the hospital. Mine was built where the morgue was the appariations had not only been seen by me  in my flat. My neighbours as well especially the man with the purple braces. Who the story had it was a phlebotonist who killed sevral people by poisioning and then killed himself and haunted the hospital.

The ghostly tales of the agency nurse

After working as a nurse for a very long time on the same ward I wanted a change.I wanted to work when I wanted to agency work gave me this opportunity.
I left the ward and joined a local agency who quickly sent me to my first assignment.
It was to a small home on the night shift. The setting of the unit was quiet strange though.It was set in what would have been a large grand house in Victorian times.It and was on three floors so had a large ornate sweeping staircase.


The majority of the shift after the patients went to bed I was mainly based in the office. Which had all the requirements of a modern nursing office but also had a bank of security cameras.Which scanned the outside hallways and staircases.
My co worker was called Ben and he did the physical checks on the patients. As I tended to do my nursing duties based in the office
I sat at a desk in the office in the dark except for a small reading lamp.With  a array of monitor screens but otherwise in complete darkness.The office was at the back of the house which backed onto a large garden and grounds.

Everything was quiet in the house but all of a sudden the temperature dropped. The office seemed to go darker and colder. It was like somebody was watching me and staring at the back of my neck. Then I heard it like a scraping  sound come directly from the other side of the wall where the garden was. The darkness increased and so did the scraping  sound. I looked on the cameras for an explanation but could see nothing to explain what was going on. Suddenly the door opened and Ben walked into the room. As soon as he walked in the scratching stopped. The darkness seemed to lighten up like somebody or thing had left. Too worried about what Ben would think of me I didn’t tell him what had happened.


We carried on with our routine without incident then as Ben went to do another round. The scratching sound started again but this time from behind me and the feeling of being watched started again. This time I decided to confront my fears and spun round  to confront what ever it was.  I was greeted by a empty dark room but the scratching sound now seemed to stop.
Feeling foolish I turned myself round and I started to check the camera. Ben was now making his way down the staircase out of the corner of my eye.I caught something on the camera like at first a black fleck .It went down the stairs and it appeared to increase in size.To a outline of a person then I could see her directly if only for a few seconds a woman. Not a woman of modern times but of a bygone error.  She was not I think human those as she did not walk down the stairs.  She kind of floated as she did not have any feet.Although you could see her body you could see straight through her. In amazement I stared and blinked at the video screen and after I blinked she had disappeared.


Although I was terrified by the experience I did not want my co workers to think I was seeing things. So when Ben got back I made out that nothing had happened but after I left. I told the agency not to send me back there and they never did.
Many months later I met up with a friend of mine who also worked for the agency.She told me that she had worked at the same house and had seen the woman on the stairs. She had looked into the history of the house.Apparently it was owned by a well to do family and the husband and wife where for many years a happy married couple.Until the husband had an affair with one of the staff. The wife caught him though and devised a plan to keep her fortune and get revenge on her cheating husband.
She got chef to prepare there meal and put on poison to induce a heart attack..She put the wrong dose on and he collapsed on the floor.He didn’t have a full heart attack but crawled on the floor to the door.He scratched on it too get out of the room before dying the room I sat in the now nursing office

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