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 This story is directly from Burton ghost walk    unlike the other stories on here.This story ie shadow people  is exceptional .It is about the  last heretic to be burnt alive in England and  is the ancestor of a president.

The story begins when I was writing a second walk. We got reports of a local pub where bizarre paranormal events where taking place.The investigation was to reveal a lot of paranormal activity but even more the dramatic story behind it.


At the time of the refurbishment  psychic activity and strange paranormal  goings on where that frightening. The  cleaning staff where reluctant to work in the upper levels of the building. When they did so they went in pairs.  They always felt like they where being watched by somebody or something and this filled  them with  a fear of dread.

Footstep could be heard on the upper level when nobody was there.When staff did paper work in the office  they heard  banging  on the door but again there was nothing there.

The cigarette machine for no apparent reason (with  nobody in the vicinity of it) discharged cigarettes all over the  floor. The internal telephone was rung  but nobody was there and no connection was on it for it to work.  Strange orbs of white light where seen in the upstairs when the room was in darkness and the temperature would drop for no reason.

The pub had shutters then on the outside of the building which where supposed to be permanently opened .  After the cleaners had finished work and locked up they went outside the building. It was to find that the shutters had been closed .



This was even more scary due to the fact that the shutters where on a second floor. So to do this you  would of have to off climbed  up the wall.Then  opened the shutters from outside without the staff knowing 

The most frightening experience was yet to come we had various emails from members of the public. Of  paranormal events happening to them in the female toilets.

 They where using the wash hand basin they looked in the mirror and staring back at them was a man. He was described as being all in black with a white collar and large black hat.it was his face that was particularly frightening  as it was partially burnt. Although you could see him in full apparition it was obvious he was not human. As you could see straight through him. As soon as they blinked though he disappeared. 


king james the 1st the man who gave order to burn the last heretic

king james the 1st the man who gave order to burn the last heretic







The property is situated on the High street in Burton upon Trent. The  building had stood on the site for over 1000 years.When we researched who the ghost was we came up with a individual called Edward wightman. 

Edward was born in 1566 and lived in the house with his wife and 5 children. He was a mercier then later on a landlord. He was also a minister for a local baptist church. Which he later broke away from and he became radical in his stand point .He was that radical  he became of interest to the authorities and king James the 1st. 

He was arrested and tried for heresy at first by the bishop of Lichfield and then to the king himself.  He was found guilty of heresy and was condemned to death by burning at the stake.


As the flames licked around him and started to burn his flesh ,Edward shouted out unintelligible words that seem to infer that he had changed his mind.He  was ready to accept the religion of the established  church.The crowd rushed forward and assisted the sheriff in releasing him .Later however as he refused to make a formal retraction in writing ,he continued to hold to his beliefs although in terrible pain from his burns.He was again tied to the stake and in terrible pain his body was reduced to ashes on April 11th 1612 in Litchfield market,staffordshire ,England 


Edward was the last Christian martyrs in England  to be  burnt alive. Although Edward did all of this for his beliefs. None of his so called friends from  Burton raised a hand of help him. His wife and 5 children had to leave Burton and move to London . Some of Edwards sons moving from there to Rhode island USA to set the Methodist movement up there. 

So did Edward in spirit feel betrayed after standing by his beliefs and believing he had friends in his local community. Who would of at least shown some kindness to his family rather than turning their  backs on them ?. So is this why  Edward appears angry as he curses the people of Burton for what they never did.



president garfiled USA
president Garfield the ancestor of Edward wright man last heretic burnt alive in england

An interesting twist to this tale is that Edward was the ancestor of James Garfied    the 20th president of America. Who had a very shot term as he was assassinated by being shot.Like Edward he was killed before his time and in a way was he a martyr for his cause ?.

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