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king Tut

King Tut and the cursed tree what a strange title you may think?.King Tut is the slang name for Tutankhamun and as you read on you find the connection with with the tree as well as other ghosts at Bretby hall.

I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse living in Burton. Working on the Burton on Trent ghost walk. There are so many links with history,mystery and the paranormal. The possibility of the  grail being under Sinai house ? which is now a  world wide phenomena. The last heretic burnt alive was from  Burton  is a lesser known fact. Something that is practically unknown is Burton  connection with Tutankhamun (king Tut)



 King Tut


History of Bretby hall


There is a location near where I live where.The history of this place goes back a long way in fact over 1500 years . It started as a castle and it developed to be in the future one of England richest stately homes. It was called Bretby hall

The first Bretby Hall was built in 1630. Thomas Stanhope bought the manor of Bretby from the family of Stephen de Segrave. To whom it had been granted by Ranulph de Blondeville, 4th Earl of Chester.

In 1628, his grandson Philip was made Earl of Chesterfield by King Charles I of England. Then on, Bretby Hall was the ancestral home of the Earls of Chesterfield.

They married into the carnarvorn family who then became the owners of Bretby.

Bretby hall
Bretby hall

Bretby connection with king tut

One famous connection is one lord carnarvon who financed the Tutankhamun (king tut) experdition. His family inherited the house but sold it in the 1926 to finance the expedition

A tree stood in the grounds with chains round it. Due to the fact when a branch fell of a tree one of the carnarvons would die .

On the 5th of April 1923 lord carnavon (5th earl of carnavon ) died. Some said of a curse others of the spores hidden in the tomb.On the day that lord carnavon died the branch fell of the tree.

The ghosts

A place full of history,mystery and of course a lot of ghosts.There is buildings on the grounds of the former hall.In 1926 the building was sold to Derbyshire county council who made it into a orthopaedic hospital which it remained to the late 1990s.

The nursing home was a separate building from the main hospital it had a large staircase in it .This staircase remained in subsequent buildings which where to stand on this site after the hospitals closure.

Over the years terrifying stories came out of the same paranormal events taking place on and around the stair case.

What people noted in this location at first was that when they put items down they would disappear then re appear. Sometimes several days later in another location near the stairs. A short time after this they felt a cold chill on their back. It seemed like it was following them. This seemed to intensify near the staircase. Over a period of time the cold and the heaviness just got stronger. Then the most horrific thing happened as they were standing at the top of the staircase.

As they stood there they felt an icy hand on their back followed by a strong push. The victims fell down the stair case.Luckly nobody was killed but some did suffer broken arms and legs. All left the nursing home and found somewhere else to live.

So what happened to cause this paranormal activity. One shy student nurse many years ago had a lot of trouble fitting in to the home. She was very shy and kept herself to herself going to work and hiding away in her room. She burrowed deep into her studies and further ignored those around her making few friends by doing this.

Vengeful ghost

It came as great shock to everybody after all the hard work she had done when she failed her exams. Nobody expected what happened next on a dank November day.

A student nurse was bright and early for a morning shift.It was her first ward and she was keen to impress. She was late so she was rushing down the corridor towards the stairs. As she got nearer she heard a noise that she had never heard before like a squeaking swaying sound.The stair case from the corridor rounded a small bend and when she rounded the corridor she gave out a large scream.

Swinging by her neck with a large rope around her neck wide eyed and agape mouth on her listless corpse was the student nurse .Her screams alerted the others in the home who contacted the authorities.

The verdict of the case was suicide.It was surmised that she had been suffering from depression aided by social isolation and failing her exams was the final straw.

It is said that the vengeful ghost is the spirit of the girl who hates girls with there lives ahead of them when she lost hers.

The headless horseman

If it was not enough with paranormal activity on the upper floor of the nursing home it was not lacking in the main hospital ground floor.Several members of staff where to tell me of a storage area of the hospital.

The storage area was at the back of the hospital and was used for things that where not in use . It was set in what would of been the old stately home.It was used infrequently and was behind a locked door in darkness.

Several members of staff were to recount similar versions of this story.

Unlocking the room they turned on the light. They where greeted to a shelf of medical objects and open spaces .The temperature for no apparent reason dropped suddenly.In the open spaces a kind of mist appeared.Then in the open spaces sketchy figures of persons lying on the floor.Most people ran out the area but for those who were to stay they saw persons in English civil war clothing dead on the floor.As soon as they appeared they disappeared.

Travelling back from king tuts hall

Although all of the above was in part mysterious and spooky. The story below I just found scarey.It was told by a nurse returning home from the hospital.

I was travelling back from the nursing home down the drive. It was winter it was dark and to make things worse the mist had started to come down.The only advantage I had was that there was a full moon.

The drive from the house is about half a mile long. I was preceding down it slowly with my head lights dipped.On either side of me where a few trees and then open farm land.

As I drove I appeared to be the only car or person on the drive.Then suddenly I glinted something shinning in my mirror.Thinking it was another car in the distance I watched intently.In case I had to find a place to pull over and let it pass.

He appears

As I carried on watching I did not see a car coming towards me.It was a ever increasing cloud or dark mass. In its centre a steel like glint twinkling in the moon light.

Although I was driving at 10 mph it seemed to be gaining on me and as it got closer.I started to see a dark out line of what looked like a horse.On top of the horse seemed to be a silhouette of a man.They seemed to be getting nearer and nearer to me.

Then he was around 2 meters away from me I saw all of him.He was on a large black horse. He seemed to have colourful garb of the type worn in the English civil war.He looked very realistic except for two things I could see straight through him and he had no head.

I didn’t care what the speed limit was I put my foot down and drove down the drive. I hit the main road where he completely disappeared.

What caused the ghosts

So what caused the bodies in the junk room and the headless horseman.

Bretby House was the seat of Philip Stanhope, 1st Earl of Chesterfield. The house had been garrisoned in the name of the King with 40 Musketeers, 80 Horse and 7 drakes.

Major Molanus was forced to storm the house with 400 foot after the sappers proved incapable of making a breach. Stanhope fled the field to Lichfield. Molanus captured the 7 drakes and the house was savagely sacked and plundered by the troops. The reason for this sacking and plunder was that Gell and Stanhope had a bitter feud before the war.

The ghosts are felt to be in the junk room the dead from the battle in a make shift mortuary and where the ghosts from this time.The headless horseman was a ghost from the battle. Where a cavalier had his head cut off and he haunts the grounds.


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